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Dominicans & Dominican Spirituality

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Group created by tvknight415

A group for Dominican Friars, Nuns, Sisters, Laity, Associates, and anyone interested in the Dominicans or Dominican Spirituality.

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Dominic at the foot of the cross
From James_OPL
Blessed Fr. Dominic
From James_OPL
From Inity
From Inity
Blessed Juanna of Portugal MAY 12
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  1. James_OPL
    Jul 16, '14 9:05 am

    Sports. That sports may always be occasions of human fraternity and growth.
    Lay Missionaries.* That the Holy Spirit may support the work of the laity who proclaim the Gospel in the poorest countries.
  2. wumpiesmommy
    Jun 23, '14 9:53 pm
    My husband and I are both lay Dominicans. Is there anywhere we can move to physically be part of a Dominican neighborhood or community? We have 2 small kids.
  3. irishdoc2004
    Jun 13, '14 8:06 pm
    Does anyone have some recommended readings?
  4. irishdoc2004
    Jun 13, '14 8:01 pm
    I am also interested in becoming a lay Dominican. I live in Oklahoma. Where do I start?
    Thread: hello
  5. Merlin89
    Sep 26, '12 2:24 pm
    Hello everyone! I am very happy to join this fabulous group,any way am new in this site,trying to meet,ask questions and to share my God given talent for the growth of the church.I am samson by name a Nigerian and 23 of age.Nice meeting you all.Pax Christi
  6. thomascanisius
    Aug 24, '12 1:27 am
    If I remember it correct, they're a fraternal community which was a sedeprivationist, but then reconciled with the Holy See. They adopted Dominican rite, yet they aren't a part of the Dominicans.
  7. KatrinaR
    Aug 3, '12 5:31 pm
    Hello. This is my first new thread--please pardon any gaffes.

    1) what are you doing for St. Dominic's feast day? (Aug 8th, formerly Aug 4th, with an octave)
    2) Would you take this time to reflect on the past year, pray, and plan for the next? Consider the balance between active & contemplative life; our prayer, study, community, and preaching?

    I lurked on CAF a while last year and then left for a long time, but I was glad to see this group. I find myself without a local Dominican community--though the communion of saints is an amazing social network. I'm not sure how active this group is, but I'd like to be part of a virtual Dominican community.

    I'm using this time to reflect on my past year and pray and plan for the next year. I've had significant medical trouble since March 2011 (and had several months of no income, because I was too ill to work and ineligible for aid). Anyway, I've rounded a corner--Deo gratias. I was able to resume teaching in spring and just finished teaching a 6-wk Summer course yesterday. I'm still exhausted every day, but now I'll be able to return to my academic research, and I hope and pray to have my dissertation drafted by spring and filed in the summer. I have yet to face the rigors (and reputed horrors) of the academic job market for new humanities PhDs.

    Anyway, this is a good time to reflect and renew. It's been about 18 months since I made my profession as a Lay Dominican. The journey was rough this past year. Now that I'm resuming most of my work, it's time to think of the pillars of Dominican spirituality as they pertain to my current situation, my new chronic medical parameters and work responsibilities.

    In Sancto Patre Dominico,
    oops--a rather long first post!
  8. James_OPL
    Jul 17, '12 9:10 am
    Blessed Ceslaus
    ( 1180 - July 16, 1242 )
    Brother of St. Hyacinth, When he died, Our Lady came and
    received his soul, Beatified by Pope Clement XI August 17, 1712.

  9. fabricdragon
    Apr 21, '12 3:04 pm
    hi, i am a convert of several years... and a Rosary fan.. the Rosary brought me to the church in fact...
    i dont know much about the Dominican orders, i tried to find a "lay order" but couldnt find one near me....
    i would be fascinated with anything anyone suggests for reading or how to find a local group
    Thread: new here
  10. stephe1987
    Mar 9, '12 2:31 am
    stephe1987 <-- this page has a list of communities, including those in Michigan

Group Wall Messages 221 to 230 of 273
  1. James_OPL
    Jan 14, '10 10:16 pm
    Hello all,
    My name is James, and I started first year formation in Sept. '09, with the Dominican laity. I am still discerning the first order.
    I look forward to reading your posts and hope to be inspired and maybe gain a greater knowledge of the order.
    Thank you......In St. Dominic,
  2. lilies
    Aug 4, '09 2:43 pm
    heather barret congratulations and blessings
  3. EphelDuath
    Jul 26, '09 7:01 pm
    Considering joining the Order as a Friar.
  4. lilies
    Jun 28, '09 2:26 am
    picture i just sent is blessed sara salkahazi of hungary who was executed for hiding jews
  5. lilies
    Jun 26, '09 4:51 am
    blessings on each of you and all in any group on forum
  6. lilies
    Jun 22, '09 4:32 am
    hope all dads were blessed on fathers day may jesus give all dads strengt they need and enlightenment
  7. lilies
    Jun 21, '09 8:19 am
    happy fathers day to all the dads bless you
  8. lilies
    Jun 19, '09 6:39 am
    Todat is feast of the sacred heart of jesus may st. Margaret mary pray for us to jesus
  9. lilies
    Jun 17, '09 8:34 am
    lay penitent good idea bless you
  10. lilies
    Jun 16, '09 4:50 am
    Blessings be on each of you i pray in jesus name


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