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For seniors and shut- ins

Group created by flower lady

A group for seniors or shut ins who simply want to talk to someone about anything that you want. Our grandkids, our troubles and concerns, our loneliness. However, we welcome all. With age comes wisdom. With God we can accomplish anything together.

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  1. tammany
    Yesterday 2:26 pm
    Last winter and spring, I asked you for prayer for my husband, Bob. He had failed a pre-op physical for a cardiac procedure on a blocked artery. A small nodule/tumor had been found on his right lung. Testing started and seemed to go on forever. An additional spot on his throat also showed up in the further testing.

    The testing is now over and the results are all good! The spot on his throat was a benign tumor, the artery is now flowing freely, and the little nodule/tumor that had been slowly growing is now MUCH smaller after no treatment or medication.

    The lung doctor said to my husband, 'You had two excellent chances for a malignancy and it looks as if you have escaped both of them. Your guardian angel is really watching after you."

    And so...I thank you for 'helping out' his guardian angel with your prayers.

    Thank you, Lord, for hearing our prayers.

    Thank you, Our Lady of Lourdes, for your intercession.

    God bless all of you.
  2. Thomas Choe
    Jul 24, '14 5:36 pm
    Thomas Choe
    Dear flower lady, thanks for your warm welcome and the introduction of prayer for the sick. I will certainly use it for my mother. I am very much excited about the prospect of my journey with CAF and look forward to staying touch with you and other dear members. God bless you.
  3. Thomas Choe
    Jul 24, '14 5:31 pm
    Thomas Choe
    Thank you so much Tammany for your words of encouragement and blessing. In fact, EWTN is always near to me via internet and I am grateful that I can watch it even in this mountain area in Korea. My plan is to visit Alabama someday and participate in the EWTN Tour. It should be an very exciting trip ! As said by Mother Teresa, I believe that the place where I am right now is the one that God has sent me, and all I have to do is to pour out my love as much as I can to the people next to me. Again, many thanks for your kind words and God bless you.
  4. flower lady
    Jul 23, '14 6:55 am
    flower lady
    Welcome Thomas, so happy that you are with us.
    I am just checking in and am happy to see everybody seems to be doing ok. Thanks be to God. What a blessing. I found this little prayer to Our Lady, Health of the Sick and am posting it for whoever would like to say it, and if you are not ill save it for later, or say it for someone you know that is. Remember sick can mean physically, mentally or spiritually.

    Dearest Mary, Loving Mother, I turn to you in my time of pain and suffering. Please help me to recover and regain my health... obtain for me the Lord's healing graces, though it may require a miracle. (mention your healing need or needs.)
    O Blessed Mother, Health of the Sick, share my urgent needs with the Lord, that my prayers may soon be answered. I give my love and gratitude forever. Amen.

    May Our Dearest Merciful Jesus keep us and all at caf safe and near to his heart. Amen
  5. tammany
    Jul 22, '14 4:35 pm
    Hello Thomas Choe,

    Welcome to this group! We are so glad to have you here and in the Church, as well.
    You are right... EWTN offers a lot of information and opportunities to learn and grow in your faith.

    It sounds as if you have lived a very interesting and productive life. The help you are giving to your mother will bring you many blessings. God does not forget kindness shown to a parent. Your desire to serve the needs of others is being carried out at the moment through the needs of your mother. It's wonderful that she is doing so well at 97 years of age.

    May the Holy Spirit lead you to deeper and deeper levels of faith.

    God bless.

  6. Thomas Choe
    Jul 20, '14 8:36 pm
    Thomas Choe
    Hello everyone,

    I joined CAF several days ago although I have been watching EWTN since couple of months ago via Internet. I found EWTN extremely helpful in many respect given my presbyterian background more than 30 years. I took my first holy communion( Eucharist) at Easter this year which I felt a fascinating experience. I retired from banking world three years ago and live at my second house in the rural area in Korea. The main purpose of living there is to take care of ailing mother who is now 97 years old. She was on the brink of death early last year, but miraculously recovered and she is now quite normal in thinking, talking and walking etc. She has been a Catholic for many many years, and I believe that God has been leading her paths day by day. While I have little time to do service for others/neighbours at the moment, my intention is participate actively in serving the needs of people in the future. Through this forum, I am looking forward to learning more about Catholic and the life.

    May the Grace of the Lord be with you all always!
  7. flower lady
    Jul 15, '14 6:23 am
    flower lady
    Kelly, isn't it wonderful how God is using you to help others. I am so happy for your friend and truly hope that things work out for him. Yes indeed your children are beutiful and growing fast. Time goes by so quickly.
    Tammany, I to enjoyed reading your post, the collect of the mass. It is so important that we not only pray for each other and other christians, but to especially pray for Gods lost sheep, or as the collect stated, those who go astray. May God bless all of us here at caf, and keep all of his prodigal children close to his heart.
  8. tammany
    Jul 13, '14 4:52 pm
    Kelly, You walk in the company of many of the Church's greatest saints who lived in the very dark world of sin before coming to embrace the light of Christ.

    The following is from The Collect of today's Mass:

    "Oh God who show the light of your truth to those who go astray,
    so that they may return to the right path,
    give all, who for the faith they profess are accounted Christians,
    the grace to reject whatever is contrary to the name of Christ.
    Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son.
    who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
    one God, forever and ever."

    May your faith keep growing and may your light keep on shining.

    Wishing you peace and God's blessings.
  9. Kellyreneeomara
    Jul 12, '14 9:17 am
    I have, in the past, lived in a "VERY" dark world..thanks be for the LIGHT of CHRIST !!!! And everyday it gets brighter as I walk with Him
  10. Kellyreneeomara
    Jul 11, '14 8:20 pm


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