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For seniors and shut- ins

Group created by flower lady

A group for seniors or shut ins who simply want to talk to someone about anything that you want. Our grandkids, our troubles and concerns, our loneliness. However, we welcome all. With age comes wisdom. With God we can accomplish anything together.

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  1. tammany
    Apr 20, '14 5:53 pm
    Easter Mass was far more than I had expected today. My husband was scheduled to usher and an overflow crowd was expected. So, we arrived 45 minutes early. My husband 'parked' my wheelchair in its usual a special place behind the last row in the church.

    As I sat there reading, thinking and waiting, I heard a male voice softly singing behind me. It was Leroy, an elderly parishioner, a founding member of the parish, who is now also wheelchair bound. He was singing "Happy Easter to you" to the tune of "Happy Birthday to you". He was singing it to me! He even mentioned my name! I was embarrassed. Other people could hear him! This wasn't the way to act in church. But, the joy in Leroy's voice was contagious and my heart just melted. I took his hand and patted it and said, "Leroy, that was just beautiful! Thank you." He smiled a big smile and his son pushed him to his regular spot where he exchanged bear hugs with children and grandchildren.

    Then, 100 year old Lucille was wheeled in to sit in her regular spot next to me. Usually she sleeps through most of the Mass and I wake her at Communion. Today, with 20 minutes to go before Mass would begin, she wanted to 'chat'. People 4 rows ahead could hear her voice. She told me of her husband drowning in a car accident when he was 36. She told me she was one of 12 children and had two daughters of her own. When I dropped my reading glasses on the floor, she said, "I would pick them up for you but I would fall out of my wheelchair!" She was really very delightful, but I was once more very uncomfortable.

    Jesus said, 'In truth I tell you, unless you change and become like little children you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven.' Leroy and Lucille live, love and laugh with such pure, childlike hearts. I wonder if I have become too 'grown up'.

    Hope all of you had an Easter full of blessings.
  2. KrazyKat
    Apr 20, '14 3:14 am
    Happy Easter!
  3. Kellyreneeomara
    Apr 18, '14 4:15 pm
    I hope everyone has a peaceful weekend, as well as, a blessed and happy Easter !
  4. tammany
    Apr 18, '14 9:37 am

    For those who would like to make the powerful Novena to Divine Mercy which begins today and ends on Divine Mercy Sunday, I am including the above link that will give more information about it and how to say it.

    Hope many will take advantage of the graces and blessings that come from this
    novena that Jesus, Himself, gave to St. Faustina.

    May you, in some way, make this Good Friday a special day of rememberance.

    God bless.
  5. libralion
    Apr 17, '14 11:37 am
    Wishes for a Most Joyous and Happy Easter


    Lord, the resurrection of Your Son
    has given us new life and renewed hope.
    Help us to continue to live
    in pursuit of the Christ ideal.
    Grant us wisdom to know what we must do,
    the will to want to do it,
    the courage to undertake it,
    the perseverance to continue to do it,
    and the strength to complete it. Amen.

    Easter Blessings to All....
  6. libralion
    Apr 17, '14 11:37 am
    Sounds like you will have a lovely Easter KrazyKat.
    Enjoy your family.
  7. KrazyKat
    Apr 17, '14 6:44 am
    Had a security screen door installed yesterday, today my family are coming together to work and spiff up my home. All will be clean, bright and weed free for Easter Sunday. Come Lord Jesus!
  8. libralion
    Apr 16, '14 11:29 am
    Thank-You for the encouraging words of hope for my pain struggle dear tammany and you are so very welcome. I am so honored to be of assistance to you and Bob.

    Dear Brenda, praying things improve for you as well and glad to hear you are feeling better and are able to cast your worries aside about what you can't control and accept what is God's will. That is a very brave and inspiring way to live. I must try to follow in your example. So often we get caught up in what we think life should be and God may have a completely different plan for us. Praying for you dear.

    Praying for you KrazyKat. How does your garden grow lately? Hope you are doing well my dear.

    Good Luck with school Kelly, I know you will Ace every test!

    Happy Easter to All
  9. flower lady
    Apr 15, '14 2:43 pm
    flower lady
    Hi all,hope you are enjoying your day. I am feeling so much better day by day. I seem to be getting my energy back. Maybe the spring snow has awakened me. We had about an inch. While everybody complained about the snow, believe it or not I found it to be rather refreshing. It should be melted away by tomorrow and then the cold is suppose to return for a few days. Well, there is not a lot going on in my life at the moment. Just happy to be alive and able to get about. Have a good night all and may God bless you and keep you close to His Sacred Heart. Brenda
  10. flower lady
    Apr 14, '14 11:23 am
    flower lady
    Novena to St. Rita

    O holy patroness of those in need St. Rita,
    whose pleadings before thy Divine Lord
    are almost irresistable,
    who for thy lavishness in granting favours
    hast been called the advocate of the hoeless
    and even of the impossible;
    St. Rita, so humble so pure,
    so mortified, so patient
    and of such compassionate love
    for they crucified Jesus
    that thou couldst ovtain from Him
    whatsoever thou askest,
    on account of which all confidently
    have recourse to thee expecting,
    if not always relief at least comfort;
    be propitious to our petition,
    showing thy power with God
    on behalf of thy suppliant;
    be lavish to us,
    as thou hast been in so many wonderful cases
    for the greater glory of God,
    for the spreading of thine own devotion,
    and for the consolation of those
    who trust in thee.

    We promise if our petition is granted,
    to glorify thee by making known thy favour,
    to bless and sing thy praises forever.
    Relying then upon thy merits and power
    before the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
    we pray thee grant that...

    as soon as God deems fit.

    I prayed to St. Rita for a fast recorvery for my childrens friend and she has answered my prayers. He is doing much better even though it may be a long time before he is able to speak again. I am so thankful To God for the wonderful Saints that he has given us to pray for us.


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