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For seniors and shut- ins

Group created by flower lady

A group for seniors or shut ins who simply want to talk to someone about anything that you want. Our grandkids, our troubles and concerns, our loneliness. However, we welcome all. With age comes wisdom. With God we can accomplish anything together.

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  1. ineeda
    Yesterday 8:09 pm
    I am not a senior, or shut in. However, I moved in with my elderly mom and take care of her. She is pretty much a shut in. She can walk short distances with aid of a walker. Also, she has some dementia. My heart breaks for her, as I see her just get up everyday, and just sit and watch tv. She watches EWTN all day until 4:00. I try to take her out on short trips to store with me, and bring her in wheelchair.

    She has difficulty getting up early. Due to my work schedule, the only mass that I was able to attend was 9, and she was not able to get up and function to go to that mass. Fortunately, this past month, I was able to attend late morning mass at 11, and I have been able to take her. When she did not attend, our deacon would bring her Holy Communion. Sometimes, she does not feel like going to mass. I try to encourage her a little, but if she is not up to going, I don;t push it too much. I just feel really bad because she was such a religious woman all her life. Now, attending mass is not so important to her. I know it is the dementia.

    I was away from church for quite a few years. Since, I started going to Eucharistic adoration, I really feel a deeper faith. For many years, I was a cafeteria Catholic. I believe caring for my mom has brought me back home.

    This is a great site, and I am glad that it is available for shut ins and seniors.
  2. Kellyreneeomara
    Aug 20, '14 10:53 am
    Prayed my rosary and I experienced the most beautiful feeling of peace. I just do not know why I become so relaxed like every care has left. I would suppose probably that meditating upon the love of Christ and His selfless sacrifice is enough to bring the greatest amount of hope or peace to anyone. It's like an equation...His love = hope instead of despair + inner peace + console within times of trouble + the precious gift of life anew in him and life eternal. I just get a lot of peace when the old brain starts realizing what a blessing our God is.

    I will be praying lab sorta freaks me out a bit..ALRIGHTY..... there is an emergency shower for chemicals in lab. Alright ...have you seen my fellow freshmen's driving skills???? Clumsy is, in the air,at my college. Also I got intoxicated and went down memory lane a bit as I walked through the student lounge. Kelly is, indeed, staying next to that shower, this semester. In fact that shower and I will be bestest buds. The first clue was my professor speaking of closed toed shoes due to spillage. Maybe I should of asked just what percentage is spilled daily????
  3. Kellyreneeomara
    Aug 20, '14 2:29 am
    Hello All !

    Beautiful day here in Northern Florida. I am up at 5 a.m. I had to read a chapter in one of my classes, whereas, I am then expected to review it in class this morning. I believe I will go to the chapel @ St. Vicents for some prayer. It is amazing how a "little alone time with God" soothes those matters of anxiety. You know, those professors can pile it on

    I continue to pray Rosary prayers. I do believe, with my heart, that Mary does hear us when we pray; loves us, as well as, guides us from above. She intercedes along with the saints. She is VERY important. There are many of us that do not agree with all the Church says; or those that are protestant, like myself, may not agree with all the reform says either. I don't agree with all in my present church of choice. But I keep my mind and heart on Christ. I believe Mary is also important to spirituality and faith. She is the mother of God. My holy mother. I have felt her working in my life. So I pray and seek guidance through her and HELP. That kind of help I need as a mother of three. So this morning I will be praying my rosary before studies

    I actually met a beautiful mind attached with a beautiful soul.It is actually one of my professors, a retired neuroscientist. A christian...spent his time in research helping the ones suffering from Alzheimer's. I cried in class; his beautiful story of faith and keeping to his convictions touched my heart.. He did not agree with stem cell research at all. It was a struggle for him.

    I hope today is peace filled for everyone ....peace be with you all ! and prayers, this morning, for this whole group.

  4. MarieAlice dodw
    Aug 18, '14 1:02 pm
    MarieAlice dodw
    Just a correction to my last post.

    Dr. Hoffer uses orthomoleculor therapy. And the book I mentioned below from memory, should be"Healing Children's Attention And Behavior Disorders."

    Also a note; many years ago it was a known fact that psychologists had a very high rate of suicide.
    One a friend of mine died at 52. She had 9 degrees. She died because she had 26
    Specialist that didn't ask her if and what she ate! She took their drugs and aspartame drinks everyday and smoked. Did not want to eat the food her father and I brought her. Did not believe food was so important. Her father would say to her if you don't put fuel in the tank the car won't run. He grew the food prepared it and brought it to her. She thought it was great but only ate a bit and fed it to her dog.
    I tried to inform her about aspartame . See DVD " SWEET MISERY" google it.
    I talked to her about nutrition, food and supplements, but being from the medical profession herself would not believe or investigate further. She once said she thought I was right but didn't follow thru.
    She loved sweet Jesus and Mary in her way. She would call me to talk and to sing a particular hymn to her.
    May she rest in peace.

    GOD Bless You All
  5. MarieAlice dodw
    Aug 18, '14 10:18 am
    MarieAlice dodw
    Dear Kelly,
    I'm sorry that you have taken my comments as negative. They were always given out of LOVE FOR YOU. I was giving my gained knowledge gathered over years, for free to you and others on the forum so that you and they, can make a more informed choice. But the choice is all yours to make. And yes by all means I believe that GOD has a plan for you. I will pray for you and yours so that you by His grace will know it and follow it.
    I think of you as a very sensitive, loving and wanting to give, intelligent woman with agreat love of Jesus. Seeking the way to give to others.
    My thoughts of you are far from negative! They are protective as a sister in Christ.

    Now I will give you a site that all people should know about so they can tell to the families of the mentally ill, the depressed, brain injured, stroke victims, of children who are experiencing autism, behavior problems, add or adhd and ocd, bipolar disorder ect.. See all the videos on this site I have watched them all and read everything on this site since it started in around 2004.
    It is called :
    Also the Father of Oramoleculor Medicine Dr. Abram Hoffer has written many books. If you go to and download a sample of His book " Healing Children with Attention Deficit and Learning Disabilities." Onto your Kindle. You can also download for free the kindle app for your computer and smart phone if you don't have it. In this brief excerpt you will learn what he has accomplished with high doses of vitamin B3 and C.

    I have GOD's Peace.
    For years I have tried live The Prayer of St Frances,
    "Make Me An Instrument Of Your Peace."
    Peace to you Sister in Christ with LOVE.
  6. Kellyreneeomara
    Aug 17, '14 2:49 pm
    MarieAlice the past you have not left me alone by having something negative to say about anything I post. Maybe there is something deeper within you that makes you unhappy.Who know's, this is the internet and it is just what it is. You need to let others peacefully live and let others alone, foremost. My path is my path, dear soul, not yours; nor another's.You have singled me out various times on Catholic Answers. It is unclear why...but I have many theories of my own that I will refrain to share.I do not what to demean you or hurt your feelings; instead I will pray for you that you find peace. May the Lord bless you richly. I am putting you on an ignore list..I will not be seeing anything you post or your comments.Foremost, I do not care what you think about me or about what I aspire to do. Today,honestly it is about what the Lord thinks, and not others.
  7. Kellyreneeomara
    Aug 17, '14 2:36 pm
    MA dodw ....I am taking psychology because I need the degree to help those as a psychologist..It is a lovely degree, in my eyes, and I am an honor student. I am very proud of me...I plan on doing that, part-time while attending seminary..have a lovely day everyone and God bless you all. .....and before I go.....but there are ignorant people in any field MarieAlice
  8. MarieAlice dodw
    Aug 16, '14 10:57 pm
    MarieAlice dodw
    Hello all, may God Bless You all!!!
    I have been so busy finding new diggs.Downsizing, and moving with the help of my Son (He did the most for a month)and,sisters. Moved Aug 1st but will be settleling for some time to come.

    Kelly your last answer was like a pro. I am 70 And pick up an 86 yr old shut in in a nursing home for Mass on Sunday and major Feasts Days as Yesterday. She is in a wheel chair
    r and has no family in Canada. I most often take her to her Polish Parish. I understand very little. I follow the Mass on my Laudate app on my smart phone in English. But we go to Latin Mass and English Masses at different times. THEN we go for a treat to eat to give her an outting. Yesterday it was a 5 hr. round trip for me now I am further away from her.

    I say this not to brag but because there such great need out there. Each of us should do what we can to help others. Maybe it maybe just keeping in touch by phone if you are a shut in.
    Visit your own family members, if you can. My own Mother passed away 2yrs ago . She had been living with me. So it gave me time for this lady.
    In The Poem of The Man God - Jesus paired unhappy people together, so that they would take care of each other and love one another as brother and sister or as mother and child. Even at the cross. John took Mary to live with Him.
    Now Kelly, I just want to say that study of psychology can be a big waste of time and even a soul destruction. It is preverted. I IN MY YOUTH away from the Church did study for 20 years.After treturning to the faith. I BURNED ALL MY BOOKS. PEOPLE NEED GOD! And proper nutrition is so lacking. Doctors and Psychologists and Psychiatry are ignorant in nutrition, and are the cause of much suffering because of it.
    One psychologist who wrote text books on the subject went on a journey to warn Catholics about the destruction they did to college students, catholic Priests and nuns. The destruction of schools, convents The Catholic Faith. He was appologizing for his part and could not recall the books because the other authors had not wakinged up, as he had. I have his tape I heard him in person about18 or 19 years ago. St. Joseph's Communication sold his tape I believe.
    He said they just made it up out of their own fancy.

    You could do so much good to study nutrition. Every mother should. I have for 39 years and still do.
    Don't take it from me. Google Dr.Joel Wallach on youtube and also Dr.John Bergman. See their videos. You could help save lives maybe your own and your family members.

    People become sick,violent, criminals,depressed,mentally ill, physically ill, when they are deficient in various nutritional elements. It is a major cause of marriage break down, addictions, cancer,birth defects death, suicides.

    Read "The Vitamin Cure for Alcoholism" I got it on amazon and down load ed it to my free Kindle for my smart phone. I COULD TELL YOU SO MUCH MORE.



    We need to feed our bodies and our souls with the food GOD has given for each every day.


    GOD Bless You All.
  9. Kellyreneeomara
    Aug 15, '14 11:22 pm
    Gmarib...If they are healthy enough physically and of sound mind; being of sound mind or in good health, meaning, NOT harmful to themselves or others due to mental or physical illness....then yes. There is no age, as far as I know, cannon wise. Of course, if you suffer from debilitating health or mental issues it may make it not only difficult , but impossible to attend; depending on the circumstances of the case/situation.The Lord is merciful and knows if His son or daughter is ill; likewise, He knows their heart and their intentions. I suggest if you or another friend or loved one is having problems,,,have Holy Communion, through personal request, delivered to you/them through a Eucharistic minister. If you/them strongly feel it is time for confession or you are due one; seek proper counsel through your parish priest.. I cannot remember the longest accepted time span in between confessions at the moment, but seek the parish priest upon that matter if you are not aware. I believe it one year.But weekly and monthly is encouraged. For Catholics. confession is of utmost importance, for a spiritual walk in faith. And it just feels good in the end, from my experience, anyhow. I am sure a priest could see you/them for confession,as well if physically attendance is impossible. God understand not being able to attend with transportation issues or other situations that may occur in daily life too. Some temporary obstacles happen, from time to time; keep faith, trust, and seek Him in daily prayer to guide you through. May the Lord and His peace be with you ... Kelly
  10. Kellyreneeomara
    Aug 15, '14 8:26 pm
    Hello everyone. I have not been on for a while

    I start college, for Fall term, on Monday. I landed a good job, in collections, at a restoration company too. My classes are in the morning... and after school I will go on to work from 1:00-5:00. Still 9 to 5 schedule.Just school and work combined.

    I decide to major in Psychology and minor in Philosophy. I am taking Biology and biology lab this term. I love science. It is very interesting. Human biology will be next. I also hope to spend some time in metaphysical studies at a later date.

    I have such a love affair with seems. . I want to make Him my every breathe...I really do. I feel Him when I pray. My heart expands with His love and spirit. I have been having the most beautiful alone time with God lately. I have a lot going on spiritually ....very deep.

    Presently, I am just engulfing myself in studies, in time with my family, and quietly discerning in the spiritual sense.

    I sincerely hope all are fine....I have to read post and catch up.


    P.S. I went to an old historical cemetery today for some alone time with God and to see it. It is a big part of the history where I live.The departed are peaceful; the cemetery was quiet,so I decided to sit for a bit . I started feeling spiritual and wanted to spend my time with the holy well.Before entering into prayer, I looked over at some graves from the early 1800's. I noticed it was an entire family. To make a long story short, they lost two young children, the ages of mine, days apart. I do think I will be not soooo aggravated with messy rooms and other stuff. Instead be grateful for healthy and happy children. Feeling quite blessed today. Those little ways the Lord opens our eyes.~*


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