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For seniors and shut- ins

Group created by flower lady

A group for seniors or shut ins who simply want to talk to someone about anything that you want. Our grandkids, our troubles and concerns, our loneliness. However, we welcome all. With age comes wisdom. With God we can accomplish anything together.

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  1. flower lady
    Aug 25, '11 6:45 pm
    flower lady
    Good evening all, looks like I'm on a different page than you folks. I was out buying paint and about to start painting my bathroom. I probably won't get around to it until the first of next week. I finally called Anthony's mom and he will be over tomorrow night. Saturday and Sunday he will be studying the package that the priest mailed me so that he will be prepared to be baptized soon. I am doing well with my daily prayer schedule, haven't missed any yet. I find a lot of peace and comfort in praying when I am alone. I have been reading the book of Job tonight, I will try and finish it tomorrow. I have read the entire bible in my lifetime, but that has been so long ago. I am going to get some rest now, I will chat with you hopefully tomorrow. Goodnight all! Brenda
  2. Gods Holy Will
    Aug 25, '11 4:05 pm
    Gods Holy Will
    Kellyreneeomara - RCIA sounds so wonderful!! Thank you for telling us what they were teaching last night! May your meditations be fruitful!

    sheilakathy - I'm so happy that you're going to start RCIA soon! God bless you!

    Hecares - I haven't been able to go out to do the things I would like to do and mean a lot to me, but thank you for thinking of me!
  3. sheilakathy
    Aug 25, '11 3:12 pm
    I cannot wait to start RCIA, which my priest has announced and asked who wants to do it this past Sunday! sk
  4. Kellyreneeomara
    Aug 25, '11 1:28 pm
    Gods Holy Will and everyone, It was truly amazing last night.In RCIA we discussed Almsgiving,Anointing,Blessing,Canonizati on,Contemplation,Fasting,meditation and alot of other interesting and spiritually beautiful subjects. I am fascinated with meditation.I am going to do that one.I think I want to meditate on the life of Jesus and Mary and scripture while praying. Love to all and blessings.
  5. Hecares
    Aug 25, '11 6:36 am
    Glad you are enjoying RCIA Kelly. I wish our parish had more continuing education in addition to the RCIA program. Our religious education program starts in a little over two weeks. I love teaching, but working with high schoolers, I'd like to keep studying to stay ahead of them! It's amazing how much these kids know!

    GHW, I hope you are still managing to get out for those things that are so important in your life.

    Horgan thahks for your insights. I will pray for all today, as well as those in the path of the hurricane.
  6. Gods Holy Will
    Aug 24, '11 3:53 pm
    Gods Holy Will
    Kellyreneeomara - Now that you mention RCIA, I remember when I went to some classes with a priest explaining the Catholic Catechism and it was so wonderful! He was so filled with the Holy Spirit and the pages came alive for me! I can't wait to hear how your RCIA class went! What are they teaching you right now?
  7. Kellyreneeomara
    Aug 24, '11 1:05 pm
    Hello everyone got to go to my RCIA class--Tell you all about it when I get home.I love the discussions we have.Oh,just love being Clatholic,it gives me so much.I went back to my Baptist Church for a visit.(played hookey) "I really love my parish missed it so"
  8. flower lady
    Aug 24, '11 10:20 am
    flower lady
    Oh, I meant to mention that I sent EAdams a message and she is doing great! She say's she is just so involved in her activities until she hasn't had time to come on. She said she misses us. I was so happy to hear the good news.
    G.H.W. Glad you liked the poem I wrote; the Love Bath, the other poem is not mine. Glad you got all of your shopping done and enjoyed your pizza party.
  9. Gods Holy Will
    Aug 24, '11 8:18 am
    Gods Holy Will
    Good morning friends! I hope you all have a wonderful day! I'm sorry I missed you guys all day yesterday but my day was unusually busy! (You guys were obviously busy too! I had to read 2 pages of posts!!! I had to go food shopping and then my apartment complex had a pizza party(which was so much fun!) so I was busy all day and then I crashed on my couch for about 3 hours!

    flower lady - Thank you for sharing your lovely 'Love Bath' and 'No greater Love'! Thank you for telling me what the priest wanted! That is so funny that your grandson is all over town and can't be tracked down!

    Kellyreneeomara - I am so sorry to hear you were in such a bad car accident! I was in a near fatal car crash too so I know how it can change your perspective on life! I changed after my accident. I was still away from my faith but people said i was a much kinder person than I used to be! I'm so happy that you'll be able to be married in the Church and receive Jesus in Holy Communion!!!!! He will be so happy!!!

    horgan - Thank you for your reflections on how loving God is!

    sheilakathy - You have such a wonderful day planned! Have a great time!
  10. flower lady
    Aug 24, '11 7:37 am
    flower lady
    You sure can't beat that S.K. Without you guys I think I would have died of loneliness these last few days. As introverted as I can be sometimes for some reason I've felt lonely lately. I see you have a fun and busy day ahead of you. Have a great time!
    Horgan, I'ts nice to know that you and Kelly enjoyed the poem, and yes as informative as it is, canon law was putting me to sleep. LOL! Yet some of it I have to admit is interesting. I am learning things I did not know. Yep, there is much to be revealed about my life but I chose to close most of those chapters, and look forward to the future. I share little by little my life with you guys from time to time. Your post are really teaching me some things about the bible that I did not know. I need to get to studying.(The Bible)
    Have a blessed and fun day all! Brenda


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