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For seniors and shut- ins

Group created by flower lady

A group for seniors or shut ins who simply want to talk to someone about anything that you want. Our grandkids, our troubles and concerns, our loneliness. However, we welcome all. With age comes wisdom. With God we can accomplish anything together.

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  1. Gods Holy Will
    Aug 29, '11 4:42 pm
    Gods Holy Will
    Hello dear friends, including those who just read the posts!

    I just found new places where you can watch Daily Mass online! They are for those who can't get to Holy Mass in person! Here they are!

    Catholic TV: (Monday thru Friday) ***Look on their list of 'shows' - (most recent first) to find the Holy Mass for Saturday evening (National Shrine Mass) and Sunday (Notre Dame Sunday Mass).

    Diocese of Scranton: http://dos.dioceseofscrantonarchive....elevision-ctv/ (Monday thru Friday)

    *If you would like for me to share more places where you can view Daily Mass, let me know!

    flower lady - I'm sure your tears counted as an act of contrition!!! God bless you my dear friend!
  2. flower lady
    Aug 29, '11 10:33 am
    flower lady
    Why don't or can't catholics pray to God as Abba or I am. Is it because in the new testement Jesus told us to pray the Our Father? I think that is the reason, but if we wanted to call on God and used the name Abba, or I am, can we? Just have always been curious about this. I think Abba is what the Egyptians call God (Muslims), Is it still used in Egypt. (That is Abba).
  3. flower lady
    Aug 29, '11 8:03 am
    flower lady
    Good morning, another sunny day here. Hope you are enjoing your day. Yes, G.H.W. I am grateful to God for blessing me with a ride to church and the people and the priest, I love. I am shy though, and I didn't want him to know how sensitive I am. I started to cry in the confessional booth, because I made a good confession but when it came time for me to read the act of contrition I had left my glasses at home, the priest leaned over and held my hand and reassured me that it was ok and he absolved me of my sins. I was a little embarrassed, I didn't want him to see me cry and so I was trying to hold back the tears. He knew it though. I hated for him to know how small things, can sometimes upset me. I thought that if I couldn't read the act of contrition that he could not forgive me my sins, and I really wanted to receive communion on Sunday. I don't know I guess I just didn't want him to know that I would cry so easily.
    I'm leaving you with this short prayer that I think is sweet.

    Gratitude for Happy Hearts

    We thank Thee Lord, for happy hearts,
    For rain and sunny weather.
    We thank Thee, Lord, for this our food,
    And that we are together.

    Sorry, don't know who the author is, it didn't say. Luv and peace be with you all! Brenda
  4. Gods Holy Will
    Aug 28, '11 7:17 pm
    Gods Holy Will
    flower lady - How wonderful that you can go to Holy Mass on Sundays now!!! What a gift from above!!! See you tomorrow!
  5. Gods Holy Will
    Aug 28, '11 6:16 pm
    Gods Holy Will
    sheilakathy - I'm so happy that you could stand and sing in choir to Our Lord today! Amen!
  6. flower lady
    Aug 28, '11 5:02 pm
    flower lady
    Hi folks, I went to mass today and it as usual was beautiful. It always is. Everybody seems to have had a nice day. S.K. singing in the choir, G.H.W. reading her inspiring books of hymns, and we do thank you for posting Breathe on Me. Breath of God, it is simply glorious. horgan glad you liked Tom Bodett's quote enough to share it with the teachers. It's true. I've been kind of busy, doing a number of things, but I will chat with you lovely people tomorrow. Have a blessed and peaceful night. Brenda
  7. Gods Holy Will
    Aug 28, '11 3:49 pm
    Gods Holy Will
    horgan - Hello dear friend! I love to read your encouraging posts!!! flower lady wrote "What are you?" but you probably knew that and accidentally addressed your comment to me!

    sheilakathy - I'm so glad you're feeling better!

    flower lady - I'm going to give it a while to see if the bump gets better, bigger or smaller so i have a report to give the doctor. Thank you for asking!

    Here is a beautiful hymn! The wind flipped the pages in my book to the page this hymn is on! The Holy Spirit breathes where He will!

    Breathe on Me, Breath of God,

    Breathe on me, breath of God,
    Fill me with life anew,
    That I may love what Thou dost love,
    And do what Thou wouldst do.

    Breathe on me, breath of God,
    Until my heart is pure,
    Until with Thee I will one will,
    To do and to endure.

    Breathe on me, breath of God,
    Blend all my soul with Thine,
    Until this earthly part of me
    Glows with Thy fire divine.

    Breathe on me, breath of God,
    So shall I never die,
    But live with Thee the perfect life
    Of Thine eternity.

    ~By Edwin Hatch

    God bless you my dear friends!
  8. sheilakathy
    Aug 28, '11 12:26 pm
    I was able to stand and sing in the choir this morning, thankfully I had the strength to do so. My ankle aches a bit, I am supposing because of the storm and its aftermath. We had nothing here, but I am affected by air pressure changes I know, even if the storm is 100s of miles from me! None the less, I am doing better than I was sk
  9. flower lady
    Aug 28, '11 4:57 am
    flower lady
    Good morning, S.K. You are so generous. God has given you the gift of charity. Glad you are feeling better.
    Hi, G.H.W. Hope your bumb is healing well. Did you go to the doctor?
    horgan, I'll never understand love and men. Haven't been too successful with relationships, even though I have had very long term relationships, and at my age now I could care less anymore. I'm talking about an intimate relationship. Didn't want you guys to get me wrong not speaking of friendly relationships. I do love the Blessed Virgin Mary so much. I went to confession yesterday, and have been longing to go to the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto and pray my rosary, but it's not happening for me. Can never get a ride and it is a long ways from my house all the way on the eastside.I'll bet that was a beautiful mass and homily horgan. Would like to have been there.
    In not too long I will be getting ready to go to mass. Can't wait to receive communion.
    You are right horgan, I write some poems for relief. It just makes me feel better sometimes. However, believe me I have moved on. Those are definitely closed chapter in my life. I am more focused on God, and trying to change my llife and get to heaven. I am learning not to worry about things. Getting better with it everyday. Have a good time at mass folks and
  10. horgan
    Aug 27, '11 10:40 pm
    Dear Gods Holy Will,fowerlady,Hecares,lauraabarlow,rice lady and viewers: I trust that the bump on your shin bone has healed Gods Holy Will,that area can be so painful when we bump or injure it. Last Monday we celebrated the feast of the Queenship of Mary and concluded the celebrations with an Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.lauraabarlow,long time no hear,hope you are well and settled back into family life after your stint in Japan.flowerlady,loved your quote from Tom Bodett, the teachers in our Parish school loved it as well.I have just listened to the news;the hurricane Irene is big news with the dangers it is threatening to life & property. We are praying for you in your hour of need. Ps :Gods Holy Will,"What are you?" although witten in traumatic times,is good expression of healing so many unpleasant memories in your life; you feel so better when you get it out of your system.No looking back,remember P U S H !!! Adrian


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