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For seniors and shut- ins

Group created by flower lady

A group for seniors or shut ins who simply want to talk to someone about anything that you want. Our grandkids, our troubles and concerns, our loneliness. However, we welcome all. With age comes wisdom. With God we can accomplish anything together.

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  1. flower lady
    Aug 10, '13 10:09 am
    flower lady
    O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. Amen.

    all. Brenda
  2. flower lady
    Aug 9, '13 5:52 am
    flower lady
    A Prayer
    by Saint Pio of Pretrlcina

    May Jesus comfort you
    in all your afflictions.
    May He sustain you in dangers,
    watch over you always with his grace,
    and indicate the safe path
    that leads to eternal salvation.
    And may He render you always
    dearer to His Divine Heart
    and always more worthy of Paradise. Amen

    Have a blessed day all! Brenda
  3. flower lady
    Aug 9, '13 5:46 am
    flower lady
    Welcome DAsmom54, hope you will visit us again soon and hope you enjoy our little group. We hope to get to know you better. You have nothing to fear when you trust in Our Blessed Lord. Tell Satan to get behind you and move forward. 33 days will fly by like lightning. I once did a novena where I had to say the rosary for thirty days and yes it was kind of hard, but I made it through it. I do think honestly that I missed one day because I forgot it, but I think I did two the next day and asked our Lady to please still count it. LOL! I trust she did.

    Hi everybody. Hope you are having a happy, peaceful day.
  4. DAsmom54
    Aug 5, '13 11:36 am
    I'm new to this site so really not sure what I am doing. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here has made St. DeMontforts's "Marian Consecration"?

    I just got the book 33 DAYS TO MORNING GLORY .
    I want to do this but afraid of the commitment. If anyone has some experience with this I'd love to hear from you.
  5. flower lady
    Aug 3, '13 9:39 am
    flower lady
    Welcome kmcarl56, and no you do not have to be a catholic to join our group. True christians love everyone as Jesus did. Thank you for your blessings for us and I am looking forward to getting to know you better.
    Hi all, I soon need to get ready for confession at 3:00 and I will stay in church until 4:30 for mass and so I won't post a lot. I will try and come on tomorrow.. Have a blessed and peaceful day! God loves us all, and me too.
  6. kmcarl56
    Aug 2, '13 8:02 am
    Hello to all. My name is Karen and I live in Pasadena, Texas. Although I am a Christian , I am not Catholic, I find that this site has brought me so much incite and peace. I hope that by not being Catholic I am not accepted into your groups. I believe that anyone who believes that God is the only living God, and that Jesus Christ is His son and one's personal Savior from the sins of the flesh, then that person is of the Christian faith.

    I am disabled and pretty much house-bound, but I love the Lord with all my heart, soul, and mind, and want more than anything to bring the message of God's love, grace, and mercy to everyone I come in contact with, whether in person or online.

    I miss being around people so very much: to laugh and smile with them, to offer a shoulder for them to cry on when they feel down, to give support and guidance from my own experiences which might help someone who doesn't know what to do in certain situations.

    My hope in becoming a member of this group of elderly, disabled, or otherwise lonely group of Christians is that I may offer my love, hope, and strength to others in God's eyes and His loving arms.

    Thank you so very much if you accept me as your friend.

  7. tammany
    Aug 1, '13 2:41 pm
    Today is the Feast of St. Alphonsus of the doctors of the Church. I hope that the following prayer to him will strengthen and inspire those who are challenged by pain on a daily basis.

    Dear St. Alphonsus
    friend of the poor and arthritis sufferer.
    You are the special patron of all who
    suffer from arthritis and the
    pains of aging.
    When our joints and related areas hurt so
    much that tears well up in our
    eyes, help us to recall the blood,
    sweat and tears that flowed from
    our crucified Jesus who bore so
    much suffering out of love for
    each of us.
    St. Alphonsus, afflicted with curvature of the spine
    and nailed to a wheelchair cross in
    your final years, teach us to unite all
    our pains and sufferings with those
    of Jesus, so our patience and love may
    inspire others to accept the difficulties
    of their lives in union with Jesus on
    the cross.
    May we be enabled to be one with Jesus in His
    great act of suffering, dying and rising.
  8. Kellyreneeomara
    Jul 22, '13 6:17 pm
    Yes PRAYERS for Priest....

    Doing a little praying tonight for souls and the ones who do not know God

    Lord Christ,
    I beseech You Lord, that my brothers and sisters around the world, who do not know of Your undying love and selfless sacrifice, may come to know the gift of Your salvation.
    May the proclamation of Your love and gospel through others, touch many hearts, bringing eternal life to those who come to know You.
    Jesus, your love mends and binds all that is broken, strengthens and encourages those in most need of Your love and hope. Through You Lord Christ, our One True God, there is everlasting life and our greatest hope. AMEN~*
  9. jcaguon
    Jul 22, '13 2:32 pm
    We should not base ourselves entirely on the chastisty of the priests and thereby form a condemning attitude towards them, Instead, we should pray for priests that they be holy. What other road lies ahead for us if we abandon our love for Christ because we don't believe in and trust our priests. We must continue to fight the devil with our prayers and good confessions so that we can be victorious over the devil. Remember, St. Francis of Assisi had the same problem in his time, and we must continue to ask God for many graces to win our victory over the devil. If we give in and say nothing is possible with God, we give the devil the power to overpower us in this time and life. Pray, Pray and continue to pray until Satan is in his hell forever. God bless you all for your comments.
  10. wadmalaw
    Jul 21, '13 5:23 am
    my name is wadmalaw i am a lady i left the usa in 99 and returned in o7 and i did not retake my drivers licence ,when i first got it i was 41 and it took me 5 times now i am older i think it would take me 20 times because i am english and we are not known for our driveing skills so i am shut in and feeling depressed about that my son lives in another state and anyway i am not one to ask much, english reserve i suppose anyway would love to talk to anyone about our catholic faith and what that means to all our us,, my parents were born in ireland i love anything irish like old movies and tv shows like the waltons and everybody loves raymond dislike all the socalled new shows dealing with real people i have one son who lives out of my state he loves to travel and i also love to travel, i have lived in germany my husband is retired army so i have seen alot of europe, i miss that life i stopped going to mass for a long time about 18 months because i got upset with all the recent troubles that have come to light about priests it never hurt me before but i got very hurt about the cover ups but i will not judge anyone i am lost without my faith anyway bless you all wadmalaw


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