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  1. william3
    william3 wrote
    at 11:05 am Jan 26, '13
    Geetings, May the grace of the Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ be with you:

    I have wanted to be a "Monk", since I was old enough to know what a monk was... I have had dreams where I was a monk all my life, when I was finely able to enter a monastery, I was to old...

    I try to pray the "Divine Office" every day, and follow the teachings of the Confraternity of Penitents, and attempt to follow Father Solonus' example.

    Thank you for your greeting! I am happy to call you a "Friend"!

    "Blessed be God in all His designs!" -Venerable Solanus Casey
  2. barb finnegan
    barb finnegan wrote
    at 11:25 am Aug 17, '11
    Hi Antal-are your from eastern Europe, by any chance? Your name sounds as if you are from that part of the world.

    There is a Legion of Mary group in the parish where our Perpetual Adoration chapel is located, but i have no wish to get involved in it. I love Our Lady, of course, but I have no wish to be formally involved right now. I've been 'burned' too many times by groups in the past. I go to a Traditional Latin Mass chapel on Sundays, so that and Adoration are the only things I'm involved with at present.
  3. AntalKalnoky
    AntalKalnoky wrote
    at 11:09 am Aug 17, '11
    Hi Barb! ever thought about joining the local Parish Legion Of Mary, Worldwide door-to-door outreach in Every part of the world, numbering almost 2 million? I was lonelly too, until I joined Them. Am now in 7 Church Groups at our Parish, first time in my life. God Bless.
  4. Loved by Mercy
    Loved by Mercy wrote
    at 5:46 pm May 2, '11
    Saw one of your earlier posts. You might want to check out http://www.consecratedvirgins.org/default.asp
  5. william3
    william3 wrote
    at 11:59 am Jan 19, '11
    Geetings, May the grace of the Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ be with you:

    I read your post in the group "Catholic eremtic life, consecrated virgins, hermits". I joined the group to get suggestions on how to live a more contemplative life, but...

    You said you wanted to be a nun, perhaps, in your journey towards religious life, you have learn something that could attain that end, and that you would be willing to share. If so, I would be appreciative.

  6. onenation1776
    onenation1776 wrote
    at 8:02 pm Jan 7, '11
    Thanks for joining our group. I can't wait to see Fr. Corapi in Illinois. I had tickets to a conf in Buffalo, but I ended up not being able to go. It's great being around like-minded people! God Bless!
  7. fin
    fin wrote
    at 10:25 pm Aug 1, '10
    Hi barb, I'm a member of the lonely group too. Feel free to talk to me or message me anytime. God bless!
  8. barb finnegan
    barb finnegan wrote
    at 8:35 am Jun 8, '10
    Thanks, Isaiah-I appreciate that.
  9. Isaiah 41
    Isaiah 41 wrote
    at 9:42 am Jun 7, '10
    Hi Barb,
    I just sent out some new friend invites. I figured anyone in my group is a friend.
    I enjoy the stories everyone shares.

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