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  1. Pieman333272
    Pieman333272 wrote
    at 10:07 am Nov 27, '10
    Hi Greylorn, I read about a book you plan to publish on your views and their backing on a thread in the Philosophy Forum. I am interested, having dialogued with you, and want to know when you plan on its release. Thanks, and have a good day.

    (If this seems nosy, feel free not to reply)
  2. jkiernan56
    jkiernan56 wrote
    at 2:23 pm Jul 23, '10
    Hey Greylorn, hope all is well.
  3. greylorn
    greylorn wrote
    at 1:14 am Jan 16, '10
    What we know for certain about the Bible is that it was written by men. Later, other men declared that the words were inspired by God Himself.

    What we know for certain about the physical universe and the laws of physics which describe its behavior is that, if there is a God, He created the universe and its laws.

    Which of these "books," which of these sets of laws, is more certain to reflect the true nature and intention of the Creator?

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    A stange life, culminating in "Digital Universe-- Analog Soul," a book which explains God.
    Belief in God's only true bible, the physical universe.
    physics, astrophysics, antephysics


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