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  1. Trishie
    Trishie wrote
    at 3:58 pm May 22, '10
    Happy Birthday!
  2. Buddicca
    Buddicca wrote
    at 2:03 am Apr 9, '10
    Sorry, I haven't been online but I had some odd encounters on this site basically ' cyber bullying ' and I haven't been back for about a year.
    Hopefully, the administrators have weeded out some of the ' weirdos '.
    But I have to announce my Easter miracle.....my husband whose behaviour can be very trying came along to Maundy Thursday mass with me and started asking some very intelligent questions about the mass. After the mass he asked me how he could convert to Catholicism!
    When I asked where this inspiration had come from ( thinking it was the mass ) I was surprised that he told me..........the inspiration was me! He noted how my faith kept me calm and helped me " handle " him when he was being difficult and he admired my faith so much he wanted to be a part of it!
    The priest explained to me I have been an example of god's love in my husband's life ( who didnt have much love growing up ) .....little 'ol me? God works in mysterious ways.
  3. jpunto7
    jpunto7 wrote
    at 2:13 pm Jun 4, '09
    I saw your message about your husband with aspergers. I was wondering if you knew more about the group? I have aspergers myself, and was wondering if you had information.
    Thank You,
  4. Irish Kathy
    Irish Kathy wrote
    at 8:36 pm Apr 28, '09
    Hi Buddicca -- Thanks for your information you gave me. It's very much appreciated. Like I said, I'm not going to be getting a dog any time soon. But I would be a first time dog person when I do. I've thought recently that perhaps a Sheltie might be a good dog for me. But maybe I need to think a bit more before I make up my mind.

  5. Buddicca
    Buddicca wrote
    at 5:38 am Apr 27, '09
    Hello from remote northern Australia! I am an army wife whose husband has been sent away with military service Looking for some friends and people to chat to

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