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  1. iheartdance
    iheartdance wrote
    at 1:55 pm Mar 7, '13
    Say a quick Hail Mary for me. I am going through something rough.
  2. Julia Mae
    Julia Mae wrote
    at 3:23 pm Dec 20, '12
    Yeah, I'm Catholic.
  3. InJesusItrust
    InJesusItrust wrote
    at 5:03 am Oct 11, '12
    Thanks for the invite, but I do not want to discuss some of the crazy things that I have experienced while being raised by my parents. Just not comfortable.
  4. sacred_words
    sacred_words wrote
    at 5:42 pm Oct 7, '12
    Stoppin' by to say hi.
  5. Sirach2
    Sirach2 wrote
    at 10:48 am Oct 3, '12
    From your bio: "People who don't gossip, who don't gather in nasty little groups in Private Messaging to declare how horrible someone else is ("we're better!") and plot attacks on others in threads."
    I know from personal horrific experience how true that statement is! It's called notify your friends to help "circle the wagons."
  6. Kellyreneeomara
    Kellyreneeomara wrote
    at 3:47 pm Jul 20, '12
    IF you would like to join my group it is http://forums.catholic.com/group.php?groupid=1617
  7. cjforJesus
    cjforJesus wrote
    at 2:45 am Apr 15, '12
    Happy Divine Mercy Sunday!
  8. cjforJesus
    cjforJesus wrote
    at 2:30 am Apr 15, '12
    Hi Julia,this is Carol. The wind blows where it will and for some reason the Holy Spirit lead me to you.Everyone on my path has been for a reason or to show me something to help me prepare. My horrible visions you posted on the home page of your blog along with my name sort of surprised me a bit.The dreams themselves are not as bad as the knowledge of the evil which is coming.It sort of makes the skin tingle and your hair stand on end. I trust in Jesus but as the bible says first the lawless one will appear with all signs and lieing wonders.

    God bless you always and may you rest in His tender mercy.
  9. Julia Mae
    Julia Mae wrote
    at 2:55 pm Jan 11, '12
    This thread was closed but this post says I called for Michael Voris to be excommunicated. I did? I think I just called for him to stop prevaricating and change the name. Anyway, it was closed before I could respond so I thought I'd say something here.
  10. roselily
    roselily wrote
    at 2:17 am Dec 24, '11
    Merry Christmas, merry Christmas, I wish you a very very blessed happy Christmas

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