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  1. The Reginator
    The Reginator wrote
    at 6:06 pm Nov 28, '13
  2. UpUpAndAway
    UpUpAndAway wrote
    at 4:22 am Nov 4, '13
    I love your profile "photo"! God bless you
  3. LilyM
    LilyM wrote
    at 4:09 pm Apr 30, '13
    Sorry, I'm not.
  4. scc11
    scc11 wrote
    at 9:19 am Apr 30, '13
    Are you a moderator
  5. AloysiusBologna
    AloysiusBologna wrote
    at 7:48 pm Apr 17, '13
    Confused????? 32,296 posts and LilyM has not made any friends yet??????? Oh we'll, I was just passing by........bye! He who loses money, loses much; He who loses a friend, loses more; He who loses faith, loses all.
  6. itullian
    itullian wrote
    at 1:32 pm Dec 24, '12
    Merry Christmas Lily.
  7. cjforJesus
    cjforJesus wrote
    at 11:13 pm May 5, '12
    You are probably right.I sent them a PM asking them to stop the behavior,but i will not open the return messages knowing the state of mind this person is in.It appears they are just becoming more inflamed so i shake the dust from my feet and just ask that God softens their heart.
  8. LilyM
    LilyM wrote
    at 11:09 pm May 5, '12
    Yes. Unfortunately some are responding to him, which is the worst thing you can do.
  9. cjforJesus
    cjforJesus wrote
    at 11:05 pm May 5, '12
    I think we should say a prayer for him or her because they seem very disturbed.
  10. LilyM
    LilyM wrote
    at 11:03 pm May 5, '12
    The troll gets around the system by replacing certain letters with symbols - filters aren't clever enough to pick that sort of stuff up.

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