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  1. CountrySinger
    CountrySinger wrote
    at 12:30 pm Nov 17, '10
    Thank you for your congratulations!
  2. Podo2005
    Podo2005 wrote
    at 12:21 pm Aug 8, '10
    hey valient lucy! hows it going?

    God Bless you, hope you are well!
  3. JBCatholicRN
    JBCatholicRN wrote
    at 12:31 pm May 9, '10
    Pleasure to meet you.
  4. Podo2005
    Podo2005 wrote
    at 7:36 pm May 4, '10
    hey how are you?
  5. Kimothy80
    Kimothy80 wrote
    at 12:12 pm Apr 14, '10
    Sorry it has taken me so long to write back. I just figured out how to post on people's walls. How are ya? :-)
  6. Rascalking
    Rascalking wrote
    at 4:33 pm Apr 3, '10
    Very cool! Have a blessed Easter.
  7. Rascalking
    Rascalking wrote
    at 3:42 pm Apr 3, '10
    If your screen name is in honor of Queen Lucy, the Valiant, from the immortal Chronicles of Narnia series, I must say you rock! My bichon frise is named Aslan!

    And if it's not...then I'm sure you still rock.
  8. DomusAurea
    DomusAurea wrote
    at 9:50 am Feb 19, '10
    I think you are very strong and brave to participate in 40 days for life. I consider this to be a favor not only to the unborn and their parents, not only to abortionists and their families, but to the world. And thus, to me. Thank you!

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  • About valient Lucy
    Catholic convert from Protestantism, Accepted into the Catholic Church April 15, 2006
    Reading, Knitting, Drama, Singing, Writing


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