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  1. GEddie
    GEddie wrote
    at 12:25 pm Aug 19, '11
    Dear Chica:

    Today, Padre preached about how we are to love God with all our being, as our LORD said. He also said that every scripture, even those that are hard to understand or pertain to negatve situations or the anger of God, have something to teach us about our relationship to God.

    My condolences about your dog.

    God Bless and ICXC NIKA
  2. waterbender
    waterbender wrote
    at 1:19 pm Aug 10, '11
    Ignoring you now.
  3. TheMc
    TheMc wrote
    at 10:06 am Apr 26, '11
    Here's a post that you could handle better than me:
    It has to do with where the CDWDS get's it's authority.
  4. TheMc
    TheMc wrote
    at 2:40 pm Apr 25, '11
    Pretty much...
  5. TheMc
    TheMc wrote
    at 1:54 pm Apr 25, '11
    Here we go again...

    Blessings at communion
  6. TheMc
    TheMc wrote
    at 8:27 pm Apr 9, '11

    Here's a thread you might be interested in checking out:


    Join me, all you sacred music geeks!
  7. BlueShadow123
    BlueShadow123 wrote
    at 12:27 am Dec 22, '10
    I got a message saying somebody wants to bring you back? Are you banned or something?

    Nevermind, I guess asking is pointless, if you're banned you can't respond. =/
  8. agbasinger
    agbasinger wrote
    at 12:49 pm Nov 15, '10
    Like the new blog!
  9. benedictgal
    benedictgal wrote
    at 9:47 am Oct 20, '10
    I have a new blog:


    Please stop and visit!
  10. StevenDunn
    StevenDunn wrote
    at 5:02 pm Sep 19, '10
    Thanks for friending me! Peace and God bless!

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    I used to serve on the DIocese of Laredo Liturgical Commission. I love liturgy.
    Catholic-Latin Rite
    I love reading books by Pope Benedict XVI and rescuing dachshunds.


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