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  1. Nom the Wise
    Nom the Wise wrote
    at 8:59 pm Oct 22, '12
    Greetings, sacred_words!
  2. sacred_words
    sacred_words wrote
    at 7:46 pm Oct 22, '12
  3. Nom the Wise
    Nom the Wise wrote
    at 9:16 pm Sep 28, '12
    A MESSAGE FOR CREATIVE WRITING GROUP VISITORS: Hi. If you've joined the Creative Writing Group, welcome! People don't post in there everyday and that's just the nature of the beast it seems. I created the group so that writers could get solid (pretty solid) critiques about their work, and where they could ask questions and brainstorm about projects. So there are other groups at CAF where members post poems, et. al. and everyone in the group says "How lovely." If that's what you want, join those groups. My group was intended for honest reactions and constructive criticism. Often when members learn that, they stop visiting the group. SO if you have some creative work that you want criticized, START A NEW THREAD and put your writing as the first post. Maybe we can lure some others back eventually. Do not be afraid.
  4. Kellyreneeomara
    Kellyreneeomara wrote
    at 3:53 pm Jun 6, '12
    Thank you norm..I am old at heart...I have only been writing for 9 months...never wrote a thing before....I am not even experienced..lol..even though young..will always write with an older spirit..there are ones like me whom see beauty in that..I greatly do. I am a lover of the finer older works.Thank you for your outlook and opinion.My savior true well he is..he is also in my words my precious savior...I always say to fare or not..I was raised by grandparents born 1910 and 1920..I guess my words are older due to them..God bless..I have had no formal training...at all..yes I would like you to help me..but nothing is forced..it is who I am ..I am allot older than my years I guess due to the upbringing I had...lol

    NORM..you are in my prayers ...I was reading below about your marriage and job...I go daily to mass..I will remember you...I hope all works out for you soon
  5. Kellyreneeomara
    Kellyreneeomara wrote
    at 5:22 am Jun 1, '12
    Norn...I would love to join your group I write poetry, reflections and short stories too.Love to write.I sent a join request to the group. Blessings, Kelly
  6. Nom the Wise
    Nom the Wise wrote
    at 8:46 am May 16, '12
    I still come back here every now and again. It's hard to be on here when you are unemployed. I just accepted three new folks to my Creative Writing group, but no one is posting in there right now so I don't get notifications. Pray for me any of you that come to this page. My marriage is ending.
  7. arayner12
    arayner12 wrote
    at 1:23 am Dec 26, '11
    Good morning, Nom the Wise (Well, it is morning in the UK)

    I have been trying to submit the conclusion of "A New Beginning". I am always told that, despite the fact that I am sending it in two parts, my effort is too long.

    I have tried calling the second part "Continuation of A New Beginning" but the system still tells me that it is too long. The system KNOWS. So, what can I do?

    Incidentally, Your encouragement is making me think that I must, at last, start on my book. I am told somewhere that everybody has one book to write - so I should start on mine!!!!

    I hope that you and your family had a very happy Christmas and that you will all have the very best of everything in 2012.

    God bless

    Muriel Ryan
  8. Justin Swanton
    Justin Swanton wrote
    at 9:41 pm Dec 20, '11
    Hi Nom. OK I've reactivated my public message wall. Post your MS in your own time - I look forward to it. Hoping your Christmas is all it should be .
  9. Nom the Wise
    Nom the Wise wrote
    at 11:41 am Dec 19, '11
    Justin, you don't have public message wall. I PM'd you thinking that I would e-mail Ch 1 just to you, because as I said I'm still holding the manuscript pretty close to my heart. I didn't expect (or I don't think I expected) you to be a critical guru. All I ever look for is a reaction from people, a basic synopsis of what they think they've read vs. what I think I wrote (if you understand me). I think I'm going to do a basic copyright on the mss before I post any of it in the group just to safe. I've been avoiding that because it's been under a drastic revision for some time now. I'll try to keep everyone posted and I thank you for your interest. It has actually put the fire under me to finish polishing and just DO something public with it.
  10. Justin Swanton
    Justin Swanton wrote
    at 10:31 am Dec 18, '11
    Hi Nom,

    I realised I was a bit rude butting into the 3 devils thread like that so I've decided to post here and let MIndovermatter2 do his/her thing.

    Liked your poems by the way, especially Recreation. It reminds me of A Canticle for Leibowitz. Same basic message, if I'm on the right track?

    Rereading my posts I realised that I've given the wrong idea. I'd like to read your first chapter out of pure interest, not because I want to become your critical guru or anything like that. It helps to have someone insightful, objective and ruthless to go over one's MS, but I'm not offering myself for the job!

    My own sequel is going well. The basic plot is complete as is the background info, more or less. A lot will probably change as the novel progresses, but I know exactly how the last chapter of the book will end. It's now all about filling in the middle.

    I hope your Christmas is a blessed one.

    All the best,


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