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  1. Weejee
    Weejee wrote
    at 9:23 pm Sep 10, '14
    Thanks for vistiing my page. Now I stopped by yours and had laughs from your cartoon. I love your meme collection with Manga characters. Thanks for what you have here.
  2. suko
    suko wrote
    at 4:24 pm Sep 2, '14
    Thanks again GLam! I actually do enjoy making them!
  3. GLam8833
    GLam8833 wrote
    at 5:38 am Sep 1, '14
    Hi, Suko, I enjoy looking at
    and LEARNING from your
    collection of animé album!
  4. Reepicheep
    Reepicheep wrote
    at 9:56 pm Aug 2, '14
    For the glory of Aslan, I accept your challenge!
  5. suko
    suko wrote
    at 9:05 pm Jul 30, '14
    GLam, I can't write on your Message Wall, so I'll just say "Thanks" here!
  6. GLam8833
    GLam8833 wrote
    at 10:47 am Jul 27, '14
    Hi suko,
    How're things? Keep looking up!
  7. JamalChristophr
    JamalChristophr wrote
    at 12:02 am Jul 20, '14
    I really like your signature, Suko. I will try and remember it! Thanks.
    TARRAT wrote
    at 7:15 am Jul 17, '14
    For the 3 month my wife was incapacitated I was a pretty good housewife but it didn't pay well.
    TARRAT wrote
    at 6:34 am Jun 5, '14
    The cartoon of "God's Plan" kind of reminds me of Dante's Inferno.
  10. Googler
    Googler wrote
    at 10:35 pm May 5, '14
    Thanks (?)
    You're pulling my leg, right?
    Bless you too.
    I was reading some of your posts.
    Was it about NDE's?
    I found all your links astounding.

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  • About suko
    Discerning a monastic vocation (currently interested in the Camaldolese hermits)
    Catholic Faith, anime, sports, visual novels, cooking
    I'm here for:
    Faith questions, Faith Building, Networking, Friends
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    "Never speak ill of anyone. Never complain or murmur. Be very patient, for patience leads us to Heaven." ~ Our Lady of Fatima to Blessed Jacinta


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