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  1. carm bro
    carm bro wrote
    at 7:30 am Oct 12, '10
    How are you doing Kyria? God Bless!
  2. carm bro
    carm bro wrote
    at 6:07 am Jul 2, '10
    Hi Kyria, yeah, when I first signed up 'Br. Alphonsus' was taken already so I settled for 'carm bro' lol. I am doing okay and busy on my Youtube and XT3 stuff. The blog doesn't take much time to do so I thought it would be kind of fun to try something like that out. Talk to you later!
  3. kyria
    kyria wrote
    at 2:05 am Apr 7, '09
    Yes some of us are misfits, if that is what you are referring to, but I used to let my mum run me down and take her bad moods out on me, and blame everyone else for her issues, then I married someone who did the same. However one day I realised we only have to take on what we choose to take on. Some things are out of our hands, but an aweful lot isn't. We can take some of the power back you know. We don't always have to be the one someone tramples on. Christ gave me back my self esteem and helped me become stronger. For some they need some self esteem counselling like my friend's daughter. Hope things pick up for you.
  4. renatas
    renatas wrote
    at 2:05 pm Apr 6, '09
    Kyria, lets face it, some of us are. We take on everyones burden, we do the suffering and take the blame for everything that goes wrong in our lives as well as everyone else that is associated with us. We let people trample all over us. My life has been like that as long as I can rememeber and I am almost 44. I am sick and tired as well as you can imagine.

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