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Old Jun 16, '10, 5:09 pm
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Default First Mass in North America

Does anyone have the name of the priest who celebrated the first mass in North America?
Old Jul 9, '10, 2:09 pm
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Default Re: First Mass in North America

Since you've waited almost a month, I submit this small step which I hope will lead someone in the right direction. In his wonderful book Upon This Granite, Fr Wilfrid Paradis wrote that the first North American mass for which a record exists took place on Epiphany, Jan 6, 1494 on the Island of Santo-Domingo/Haiti (called Espanola by Columbus) at a temporary church at Isabella during the second voyage of Columbus. Fr Paradis commented that there was a large colonization party accompanied by priests (no number given) so perhaps, hopefully, someone can identify them--Fr Paradis did not--he was giving background on the history of the Church in NH.
Fr Albert Nevins wrote in Our American Catholic Heritage that Columbus' second voyage had 1200 men aboard 17 ships, but did not refer to a mass.
Old Jul 9, '10, 5:47 pm
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Default Re: First Mass in North America

There is an archeological consensus that there were Norse visitors or settlers in L'Anse aux Meadows. It is possible that at this time since Lief Ericson and the settlers of Greenland were Christian, and therefore was also a possibility of a priest among the people of the L'Anse aux Meadows settlement which would then be the location of the first Mass celebrated in the Western Hemisphere around the year 1000 AD.
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Old Jul 12, '10, 2:30 pm
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Default Re: First Mass in North America

I visit St Augustine Florida often. I believe that is where the first Mass was held in the US.

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Default Re: First Mass in North America

The First Mass was offered on August 15th 1559. Spanish colonists led by Don Tristán de Luna y Arellano, accompanied by five Dominican priests and a lay brother, arrived at Pensacola, FL. Devastated by a hurricane, the settlement was abandoned two years later. This was before the founding of St. Augustine in 1565.

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