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Old Jan 4, '11, 12:39 pm
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Default Modesty and fashion

Do any of you ladies believe that in order to be modest, one must be as plain as possible?

I have seen many opinions about how modesty means not drawing attention to one's self at all, and being as plain as you can possibly get. While I have no issues with another person wanting to practice such beliefs, I don't think it's necessarily feasible to try to look as "plain" as possible all the time, nor is it appropriate to not draw attention.

I live in the midwest, where people think you are "dressing up" formally if you are a woman and wear a skirt. In a way, that would be drawing attention to one's self. If I wore a dress that was modest, yet tasteful, to church I would be drawing attention to myself because very few women wear dresses, and dresses are almost considered "dressing up" (pardon the pun) compared to wearing nice blouses and slacks.

If I wore one of those shabby apple or chadwick dresses and walked around in downtown Minneapolis where I live, I would probably still draw attention because even though the area is mainly professional and many people work there, most women don't wear dresses. So the very fact that I would be wearing a dress and also be dressed modestly would draw attention in itself.

How do you deal with that? What do you think?
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When a woman veils her body in modest clothing, she is not hiding herself from men. On the contrary, she is revealing her dignity to them
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Old Mar 7, '11, 7:51 am
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Default Re: Modesty and fashion

I know what you mean, around here wearing a dress is being dressed up as well. I see movies where women/girls wear a dress for practically everything whereas I wear jeans for everything. Only this year (well late last year) I have even started adding skirts and dresses to my wardrobe. I own skirts for work and that was it. I wear pants-suits to work and church mainly. I owned previous on dress and two skirts that I would wear to church. Thank God my body has stayed the same over the years because I have owned them for over 10 years.
When a woman veils her body in modest clothing, she is not hiding herself from men. On the contrary, she is revealing her dignity to them

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Old Jun 20, '11, 3:32 am
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Default Re: Modesty and fashion

[quote=spunjalebi;7425751]Do any of you ladies believe that in order to be modest, one must be as plain as possible?

Aside from the fact that I think modesty from a certain point can be relative and one can get over scrupulous about it ( to show shoulders or not) a few weeks ago there was a very good debate on this issue on CAF after someone posted a thread about a homily a priest had said on EWTN about the very issue.

I think the term " not to draw attention to ones self" is important because the whole point is that we show our love for God though our love for our neighbour . Therefore one should be modest so as not to cause our neighbour to stumble which would be an error on our part . IF however your manner of modest dress is a witness to your faith then that attention can be a good act of evangelisation.

For example: A man might wear a 'plain old' T- shirt to Church - it covers all appropriately , is clean and well fitting etc BUT has a 'loud' message written on it that distracts the person behind. One could say that is the problem of the person allowing themselves to be distracted in Church but the point is that we Christians are called NOT to cause someone else to stumble so we should ensure that our actions try to avoid that.
On the other hand a woman choosing to wear a dress where that may not normally be the local 'fashion' may actually be a good witness and may encourage other women to feel comfortable about wearing dresses and allow themselves to be feminine.

In England we used to say that it is always better to be over dressed than under dressed. occasionally I wear a hat to Church , here in the US it definitely draws attention but always in a good way since I usually get compliments. I try to be 'modest' about my hats by not wearing a bright hat or one with lots of 'stuff and fluff' or not to wide a brim to block the view for the person behind me. However if I am at a parade I wear the hat I love - usually wide brimmed and with all the bows and feathers.
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Old Sep 29, '11, 10:22 am
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Default Re: Modesty and fashion

I think plain dress for church is appropriate. I am appauled when you see a sea of blue and orange at Mass on the day of a Bears game. Church shouldn't be the place to promote your favorite sports team.
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