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Closed Thread
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Old Feb 10, '09, 10:28 am
Matrix Refugee Matrix Refugee is offline
Regular Member
Join Date: March 12, 2005
Posts: 1,256
Religion: Angry but practicing Catholic
Default Re: Would it be better if God created males with zero sex drive?

If men had no sex drive, then they probably wouldn't be able to have or maintain an erection and therefore... how would married couples conceive babies? We'd *have* to resort to IVF in order to keep the population going, or else we'd face a world like the one in P.D. James's "The Children of Men", where the human race spontaneously becomes infertile and thus, no more kids are born and the human race becomes frantic trying to find a solution, as the remaining population starts aging and dying off...
I am post-Roe v. Wade Pro-Life Woman, hear me *ROAR*!!!


Angela: "I don't believe in the Devil."

John Constantine: "You should. He believes in you." -- "Constantine"
Old Apr 25, '12, 7:05 am
johnsmith2025 johnsmith2025 is offline
New Member
Join Date: March 6, 2008
Posts: 82
Religion: Catholic
Thumbs up Re: Would it be better if God created males with zero sex drive?

Well it certainly could be good if it were to work out that way once in a while.
As a guy, I have a VERY high drive, inconveniently so. Not that I would ever make a conversation out of it with the people I know, but the fact is that with this high a drive, I very frequently have erections and 99.9% of the time they happen at a very inconvenient time and are embarrasing to have in public when I'm out shopping.

I find myself having to duck out of a store and hurry up and get to my car so I can get out of site. Because, not only is there the embarrasement of being seen in public with it, but on top of that there is always the possibility that someone ( some prudish person ) at the store might report me as being a guy who is walking around in an inappropriate fashion, as some kind of pervert who gets off on being seen in public with an erection --- you know, as being looked at as being obscene.

But actually it could get even worse for me. Fact is, I'm a single guy, so, at least there is no one else I have to burden it with. If the day comes that I were to take a special woman into my life and marry her, there would be the knowledge for her that she is marrying a man who wants/needs to make love to her every single day, sometimes more than once a day. And I'm guessing that is a situation that most ( or all ) women don't want to find themself in in a marriage.

So, hypothetically, it would be nice if it was something that we could turn on and off as we wish, but unfortunately it doesn't work that way, because we have no voluntary control over it.
Old Apr 25, '12, 7:56 am
TheRealJuliane TheRealJuliane is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: October 11, 2010
Posts: 19,026
Religion: Roman Catholic
Default Re: Would it be better if God created males with zero sex drive?

3 year old thread!

Old May 19, '12, 5:43 pm
johnsmith2025 johnsmith2025 is offline
New Member
Join Date: March 6, 2008
Posts: 82
Religion: Catholic
Default Re: Would it be better if God created males with zero sex drive?

I answered this question last month.
But now I also thought of something else to add to it.

I would never do any of those destructive things you listed in your posting, such as cheating on one's spouse, looking at adult material, etc ... But, if a man would ( hypothetically ) be in a marrige where he has a very high libido and needs intimacy often, more often that he can expect his wife to accomodate him, he is very frustrated.
If in the Catholic teaching a man is commiting a sin by self-pleasuring ( which then would leave him without that as an option ), but also hasn't the availability of his wife to be intimate with, but yet he in fact he needs intimacy -- well then, there's a major problem. ....

... Facts are facts: if a man needs a release, that's what he needs. It's a not a choice nor something that he can just will away with a magic wand. And it's not something a woman would understand, because if they understood they wouldn't be so judgemental of so many men on this board.
Fact is when a man gets an erection, he doesn't typically have it by choice. But he nonetheless needs to have something done about it. And not to be distasteful, but it's no different than a sneeze, defication, urination, cough, or anything else that the body needs to expell --- it's something that's in there very uncomfortably that needs to be physically released whether anyone likes it or not.

So yes, perhaps some men ( such as myself ) should simply just decide against ever being married. Even if a man can ( and would ) be a fantastic husband in every other way that a woman wants, if he has the needs for copulation with his wife very often ( at least once per day, sometimes more than that ), maybe marriage just simply isn't for him.
A man doesn't want to be a burden on his wife.
Old May 19, '12, 8:41 pm
feed me feed me is offline
Regular Member
Join Date: May 9, 2012
Posts: 512
Religion: Catholic
Default Re: Would it be better if God created males with zero sex drive?

No offence, but even if God made certain men with no sex drives; that person just might say to themselves, "what does it feel like" even if they don't desire the sex. Just that thought alone will drive a man to sin. Because they are seeing the other people get to do this, then what is to stop that other person from doing it. So it wouldn't work out. It would be like bicentennial man who wanted to become human from a robot, to know what things felt like as a human being
Old May 19, '12, 9:36 pm
Armyvet007's Avatar
Armyvet007 Armyvet007 is offline
Regular Member
Join Date: June 24, 2011
Posts: 693
Default Re: Would it be better if God created males with zero sex drive?

Originally Posted by Gaurdian View Post
With all the problems we see, in the news & posted on CAF weekly/monthly, created by most men's high sex drive, would it be better if God created males with zero sex drive?

Problems such as:

- Addiction to Porn
- Seeking out Prostitutes
- Staying Chase before Marriage
- Struggling with NFP after children

If God designed men with everything the same just no sex drive seems like everyone would be happier or the FDA approved that laser procedure to zap that part of the male brain that controls the drive. No cutting or eliminating bodily function just short circuiting some brain waves.

The FDA procedure is ready to go and the Federal Gov. says it has few unintended side effects.
"Better" implies God made a mistake and/or that we humans could do His job better. Thanks, I'll pass.
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