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Catholic Living   Vocations

Vocation Resource Information (4)
Hermit Nun hasn't spoken in 16 years (9)
Amazing vocation videos (2)
Discalced Carmelites Third Order (13)
St Anselm Abbey, Manchester, NH (1)
Religious orders and evangelism (4)
Sisters of St. Anne (11)
What priestly congregation would you join? (16)
Revision of the Program of Priestly Formation (8)
Desire to be a diocesan priest ( 2 3 ) (44)
Religious life and Mental Disabilities (7)
Questions about the Missionaries of Charity (4)
Religious Order Priest Statistics for the US? (5)
New thoughts from a Franciscan Sister ( 2 3 4 5 ) (90)
Joining Third Orders (18)
St. Marguerite d'Youville & the Grey Nuns Association (2)
Hungarian Norbertine Sisters Regrouping (3)
Cistercian Monks & Nuns of the Common Observance (O.Cist) (1)
Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary, Hawaii (1)
Sisters of Charity of Nevers, France & St. Bernadette (1)
Lay Dominican Chapter Meeting (6)
Do you think a vocation is a call to go to a bible college? ( 2 3 ) (41)
Becoming a priest while on an antidepressant? (18)
Books about Secular Priesthood (12)
Celibately Married (14)
My 12 year old daughter wants to be a nun ( 2 3 4 ) (75)
Is a laicized priest who has married required to tell his Confessor (5)
Paging Australians (on behalf of Swalezil) (7)
Searching for the one that the Lord will bless me with (11)
Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, Alaska, Need Vocations (1)
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