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Defense of the Faith, doctrines & dogma, historical controversies. MEMBER FORUM.

Eastern Catholicism

Its practices, heritage, and role within the universal Church. MEMBER FORUM.

Traditional Catholicism

Discussion of Catholic traditions and customs. MEMBER FORUM.

Non-Catholic Religions

Comparing and contrasting beliefs. MEMBER FORUM.

Liturgy and Sacraments

The Eucharist, Mass, baptism, confession, abuses, Vatican rules. MEMBER FORUM.

Catholic Living

On being Catholic in today's world. MEMBER FORUM.

In The News

Discuss items of current interest from around the world. MEMBER FORUM.

Ask an Apologist

Catholic answers to your faith questions. Manned by Catholic Answers staff apologists. STAFF FORUM.

Casual Discussion

Use this category for topics that don’t fit criteria for any forum.
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