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Conversation Between Sherriesalinas and MarieVeronica
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  1. Sherriesalinas
    Sherriesalinas wrote
    at 11:17 pm May 25, '12
    Hi Marie, how are you? It has been to long since I said hi. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers daily. Godbless you.
  2. MarieVeronica
    MarieVeronica wrote
    at 6:25 am Mar 24, '10
    Hi Sherrie. Just found your message from March 7th. What a joy. Thank you, so much. We're doing ok. But my family needs many, many prayers. Many upheavals occurring. We are having growing pains, trying to find God's Will. I am getting tired and having more health issues (minor, but still annoying). So.. any special prayers you can offer for me, Sherrie.. are greatly needed and greatly appreciated.

    Hope all is well with you, dear soul.. and DH (darling husband). May God bless you.

  3. Sherriesalinas
    Sherriesalinas wrote
    at 8:35 pm Mar 7, '10
    Dear Marie, I thought I would stop by and say Hi. How are you my Dear friend?
  4. Sherriesalinas
    Sherriesalinas wrote
    at 9:54 pm Dec 24, '09
    Dear MarieVeronica have a very Merry Christmas! What a blessed day! God loves you so my Dear Friend!
  5. MarieVeronica
    MarieVeronica wrote
    at 7:40 am Oct 30, '09
    Sherrie.. Thank you for stopping by my profile, and for the beautiful "gift". I can't tell you how much it meant to me. God bless you, my dear.
  6. Sherriesalinas
    Sherriesalinas wrote
    at 11:04 pm Oct 19, '09
    Dear MarieVeronica I wanted to stop by and say hi.
    I also wanted to give you a gift of flowers. I
    Hope you like them my Dear friend.
  7. Sherriesalinas
    Sherriesalinas wrote
    at 10:22 pm Jul 18, '09
    Dear MarieVeronica, I am happy you have gotton the new "confuser". (lol). Thank you for asking how I have been. I truly must say our Dear Lord has and is giving me soo many blessed days. When the pain is great I offer it up and I carry my cross. MarieVeronica keep up the great sharing that you do and God loves you so! Always, Sherriesalinas
  8. MarieVeronica
    MarieVeronica wrote
    at 5:33 pm Jul 18, '09
    Hi Sherrie! Just wanted to leave you a note. Hope you're doing ok. I haven't been able to leave messages before this past week. I finally got that new "confuser".. I mean, computer. So my world at CAF has expanded! Please know, dear Sherrie.. that you have remained in my prayers. God bless you!


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