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  1. djeter
    djeter wrote
    at 2:01 pm Jul 8, '10
    If you found the poetry category, you will see I'm up to 14. Lot's of stuff to read and I tend to like the obscure as it forces me to go back and really think and read about what the poet is up to.

    Another post, not poetry though is entitled "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love," a reflection/summary on the Raymond Carver short story by the same name. I've gotten a lot of hits for that one. My personal poetry favorites are in a post I titled "anthem poems:"


    It ends with a couple of Hopkins poems.

    Thank you for the kind words.


    ps: a little of your terrible weather wafted up here but we appear to have a Canadian breeze today, temps back to the 80's, still terrible humidity.
  2. Claire from DE
    Claire from DE wrote
    at 1:41 pm Jul 8, '10
    What lovely poetry postings. Hopkins is a favorite of mine, although the words sometimes confuse, not precise but evocative. Wonderful though. Thanks for posting them.

    Roxbury, eh? I lived in Braintree half a century ago. Nice country up there. Hot here.


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