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  1. 4elise
    4elise wrote
    at 10:47 am Feb 20, '12
    I know - I think you and I certainly understand her point of view - but we do all miss her spirit and spunk, and never a bad idea to let someone know they are missed!

    I try to weigh in when I can - keep a 'Christian' voice - remembering that a happy vegan is more attractive to others than an cranky one!
  2. Zundrah
    Zundrah wrote
    at 9:44 am Feb 20, '12
    I know what you are saying and that is what I always assumed. That she had left because of the unprompted, unjustified and utterly aggressive posting of other members here. It's enough to exhaust anyone. I often not dare to tread on some threads because that exact reason.

    I've learn to just ask for information and never express opinion.

    Don't bother to ask her to come here just to talk to me. There's no reason at all to risk her happiness by dragging her back just to say hi.
  3. 4elise
    4elise wrote
    at 7:16 am Feb 20, '12
    I will let her know that we have been chatting about her... perhaps get her to 'drop by'?!
  4. 4elise
    4elise wrote
    at 7:15 am Feb 20, '12
    I know - and yes I have been in contact with her and know she is fine - she was just done with CAF I guess - she fought a lot of fights for our shared values here so am sure that this was just a point of her own mental, spiritual health.... I understand, as I know you do - sometimes you just have to take a break - that is when I retreat to our group, and keep the posts there about the things we share...
  5. Zundrah
    Zundrah wrote
    at 6:50 am Feb 18, '12
    Such a shame. It was her that brought to light the all the points I made as to why I became vegan. Very upset to see she never came back.

    Have you contacted her by email, so we know she is okay and not had an accident?
  6. 4elise
    4elise wrote
    at 6:35 am Feb 18, '12
    No sadly, no Marfan! I think she would be proud of how our group has grown!
  7. Zundrah
    Zundrah wrote
    at 3:31 am Feb 18, '12
    Marfran still not returned?


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