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Conversation Between qui est ce and kelvinf
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  1. qui est ce
    qui est ce wrote
    at 6:29 am Dec 25, '11
  2. kelvinf
    kelvinf wrote
    at 9:42 am Dec 24, '11
    Eh, bon anniversaire et Joyeux Noel!
  3. qui est ce
    qui est ce wrote
    at 2:51 pm Dec 15, '11
    I wouldn't let her hold out one more day. I was just about born in a VW Beetle on the way to the hospital.
  4. kelvinf
    kelvinf wrote
    at 2:15 pm Dec 15, '11
    Oh, you missed it just by one day. Your mom would have persevered a little bit for your birthday to fall on Xmas day. En tout ca, c'est la vie


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