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  1. ChristineMac
    ChristineMac wrote
    at 6:54 am Apr 27, '10
    I am very interested. Perhaps you read in (I believe) "This Rock" magazine a few years ago, a priest's explanation on why the Death Penalty can be very just and and even merciful, based on how often those sentenced are moved to convert knowing 'the end is near'? I am not even paraphrasing, just my recollection of the gist of it. I have gone through all my old copies of 'This Rock' and have been unable to find it. I remembering it being such an amazing article and I would love to get my hands on it again.
  2. Ender
    Ender wrote
    at 12:56 pm Apr 24, '10
    I have to say, the extent of the understanding by almost everyone of what the Church teaches on the death penalty is staggeringly small; you will almost never find someone who knows any more than is found in the Catechism in 2267.

    If you are interested in getting deeper into this, I have accumulated scads of citations from Church documents related to the death penalty ... and issues related to it such as punishment, retribution, mercy, justice, etc. Despite the - disappointing - fact that most of the clergy opposes the death penalty, it seems clear to me that the historical Church took a very much different view of it than we do now.
  3. ChristineMac
    ChristineMac wrote
    at 9:06 am Apr 20, '10
    I have very much enjoyed your postings regarding the Church's teachings on Capital Punishment. Thank you for the education. I have worked for a proscuting attorney for several years and have sometimes felt that I needed to justify to my fellow parishioners when the DA has sought the DP. I have so tired of hearing how the DP and abortion are on equal 'pro-life' terms!! Thanks again!


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