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Default Re: What does the Holy Spirit feel like?

On a personal level, I have experienced being "slain in the Spirit". I have seen miracles when we prayed for healing of peoples bodies, or situations. The most powerful are times of praise where you enter into ecstacy with God! It's like being in a warm ocean of love! Nothing can touch that!

Some times when I'm reading Scripture, the Catechism, or if I hear a great truth of God I feel a sense of electricity go through my body. The Holy Spirit is getting my attention! He's saying pay attention! I have this deep sense of KNOWING that what I just read or heard is TRUE!

I have on rare occasion been given a gift of prophesy for some one. Some who are familiar with the Holy Spirit are very excited! Others who don't know God think I'm crazy, and should be on meds...sadness. until the prophesy comes true. Then they are stunned, and like, "what?"

I feel the Holy Spirit at Mass, during the Sacraments, and in the music. The Holy Spirit calls us to surrender, deep surrender, be at peace. And it's a most excellent journey!
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