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Originally Posted by lakotak View Post
Has anyone had the "gift of tears" before consecration?

I have never experience it before, but many times after, I receive the Eucharist. To the point that I at one point got a little spoiled. Well, it was happening so frequently, I thought that was going to be the way, but then for several times it did not happened. So, I asked Our Lord where was He and if I was doing something wrong. I told Him that if I was doing something wrong to fix it. I did not want to be distant from Him. I told Him that I give Him my will and I want my will to be His will so He could fix whatever and to make me aware always of what I need to rectify and to help me to do so. I experience it here and there after I receive the Eucharist and that's okay and it's actually good.

I did experience it one day after Confession. There I was walking home one beautiful spring day, it was a Saturday. The tears of joy just started pouring out and inside it felt as though the Holy Spirit was caressing my heart. I got really embarrassed when I was approaching a home where on the front yard was a father playing with his children. I tried to wipe the tears away and get it together before I got closer so I slowed down my walk. It was all good, but, whao, it is beautiful and unforgettable.

It also happened to me one day at church that I smelled what people describe as lilac but is not really. That name will due but, I would also add that it is kind of like a mixture of flowers like and it is the soul that enjoys the aroma. It's really nice. How it happened was that, well, there I was in front of the altar, it wasn't even on the chapel where the Eucharist is, and I was praying and sharing with Our Lord. Then, I smelled this beautiful smell surrounding me and I looked around a little and disregarded it and went back to what I was doing and the smell got stronger and stronger until I could not ignore it. So, I got up from the bench to see if there were flowers around. I thought, this could not be really happening and I wanted to confirm it. So, I walked around the Cathedral the main section to see if there were any flowers - there were none. Then I went to the section where Mass is given at noon ( I don't know what it is called) and I approached the altar. There, there was a bunch of white roses the ones that are big and do not have any smell really. But, I still got closer and smelled them just to make sure and they did not have an aroma. I thought, huh.

Then, an extraordinary thing happened. I went back to work and to my office which I shared with two ladies who were allergic to perfume. I started my work and soon after I was once again surrounded by that beautiful smell. I couldn't believe it. I looked down the window to see if maybe there were flowers on the ground floor that someone may have planted and I looked around and nothing. Then, I asked the ladies in my office if they smelled that smell and they asked what smell. I asked them if they were wearing perfume and they told me that they were allergic. Amazing and beautiful! It's really nice. It was away of confirming it - as it to say - where are the flowers now?

I don't know why any of these things happen though.

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