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Default Re: Were the crusades moral?

Originally Posted by Timi Celcer View Post
I know the first crusades were mostly defensive actions against muslims but later crusades were all about conquering the Holy land. The pope blessed all that went on a crusade and the crusade is put under the just war doctorine. Why? Crusades were mostly all about fighting pagans, re-conquering some of the lost land and conquering the Holy land. II Vatican council declared that all faiths are equal while forcefully converting others is sinful. Crusades to the north were all about converting people there to Christianity. Isn't there a contradiction?
Also how can re-conquering of Iberian penisula be moral? The Church teaches that all people can go to heaven no matter what religion they are, so why did the crusaders kill so many people for nothing. Is that moral? And why was conquering of the Holy land necceseary? We lost it anyway, so why the extra casualities? And still conquering is sinful, what would the Holy land brought us that we didn't have anyway?
The Crusades were not about converting people. They were about protecting Christian pilgrims that were getting robbed and killed. Plus, we needed to push back the Muslims, so they didn't get into Western Europe. The Crusaders that killed Muslims, Jews, and Eastern Christians weren't blessed. They just did that on their own. The stealing was never blessed either. If it weren't for the Crusades, we'd all be speaking Arabic right now.

Vatican II never said that all faiths are equal. Catholicism is the Truth, and always will be. The council just said we should be more friendly towards people of other faiths. The Church has never taught that you can go to heaven no matter what faith you are. There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church, because the Catholic Church is the One, True Church.

We conquered the Iberian Peninsula to drive out the Muslims. There were Christians getting harassed by Muslims, and we were afraid that the Muslims were going to push even further into Europe, so we drove them out. Not driving Muslims out=end of Christendom.
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