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Default Re: Doubting Converts

I am a revert not a convert (was raised catholic then left for protestant churches) and I had many doubts when I returned to the catholic church. Not Mary, but many other things.

I mentioned this once in confession and the priest said, "none of the priests here are without some doubts. (there were many priests there that day). It is not a sin."

Most of my doubts are gone now. It's taken 4 years though. Just keep trying to learn and to understand and don't give up in the meantime. If you keep seeking God, He will answer. I have found that to be true. If I get confused now I ask God to show me the truth. He has and He will do it for you too. But maybe in His timing, not ours.

Also, I hope you DO discover Mary. She is just such a blessing once you get to know her!
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