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Question Re: Doubting Converts

I have read all your posts and frankly my head is spinning (in a good way and in the right direction). It’s very hard to keep the opinions separated, though it is gratifying to know that this is a thread that is fruitful and opens your hearts. I am not sure with whom I agree, but I will tell my specific case and you tell me how you feel about it.

As I said before, I attended Catholic mass for 30 years with my family before feeling the call to convert. As one of you wrote, I attended mass, felt the beauty and love, and fell in love with the constancy of My choir family were/are the best friends I have ever had, but it was a happening in another setting that made my mind up. It was so amazing that the rest may not have even counted.

Still a Baptist (officially), I was playing guitar and singing at a 6-week charismatic Life in the Spirit Seminar . It was interesting, but not earth shattering. On week six, as everyone was going forward to be prayed over for receipt of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, I sat in the back waiting to play closing music. One by one my friends went forward for prayer, but I hung back because I was not Catholic and did not feel was eligible for that part. I was comfortable with that. As I watched them cry tears of joy and burst into song, I got the strangest feeling of being in a holy place. I remember thinking, “God, if this is real, I want it!”. The next thing I knew (literally) I was up front on my knees with tears in my eyes, and the words of all new praise songs flowing through my head. And I heard a voice from over my right shoulder; it said “Welcome home, Tom”. In the following week I wrote three new songs which we played and sung in future meetings.

As soon as RCIA opened up, I was there. The rest is history. Spookier yet was my first confession, with our old 80 year old pastor whom I knew well. As I entered, he rose and said, “Welcome home, Tom”. What else can I say?

Ok, I realize some of you may not recognize the Charismatic movement as credible, but that’s where I found God and surrendered to him.
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