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Default Re: Karl Keating's E-Letter of March 21, 2006

Originally Posted by crk312
Karl makes a very valid point but history has shown the excessive zeal of the influence of religion on humanity. Allow any denomination to gain State support and the "True Believers" will force their issue. As I read the concepts presented on Islam, I notice there is not a central system. Any Iman can declare "Holy War" or read whatever he wishes into the meaning of the KORAN. One can recall the slaughter between Iraq, supported by the US Government, and Iran. Both were slaughtering each other all in the name of Allah.
The few Muslims I have known wanted to worship as they saw fit, raise their families and make a garbage can full of money. Very similar to most of us.I dare say given a choice the majority of Muslims would be no different than the rest of us.
I tend to agree. I have a neighbor who I would call a fundamentalist Christian who loves to give examples of people who call themselves Catholic who support abortion, ABC and so on. He uses that to say the Catholic Church as a whole supports these things simply because a political figure who calls himself Catholic supports it. I see signs that say "Catholics for Abortion" that do not reflect the true teaching of Catholic faith. People see these things and assume the whole Catholic faith feels this way, or they use it to make an interesting story. I respectfully suspect Mr. Keating's letter just might represent radicals within the Muslim faith and not be a true representation of it's core, though I'm no expert.