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Originally Posted by Roman_Catholic View Post
What if he comes back and says that 1 Tim 3:15 is refering to Jesus as the pillar and foundation of truth? Because it says the Church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of truth.
Jesus is Truth. He is not a pillar and foundation of Himself. That would make no sense. It is just an evasion.

Secondly what if he comes back that there is no way to tell that the Catholic Church is that Church? Like if he says, "ok which church then"? Or he says that all christians make up the "church"
How about the Church that has existed since Pentecost? History is not silent on this issue, though most Protestants want to believe (indeed, must believe) that it (history) is silent on this issue. There is no question, to those who evaluate the evidence in an unbiased way, that the Catholic Church goes back to the beginning of Christianity.

You could also compile a list of his biggest claimed falsehoods that the Catholic Church teaches, and point out that the Early Church Fathers never spoke out against any of them. No ECF ever condemns any of the foundational Catholic teachings as heretical. How can that be, if the ECFs weren't Catholic? How can that be, if the ECFs were really closet Protestants, as many Protestants wish to believe?
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