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Default Re: How would you explain the CCC?

Originally Posted by Courage_to_ride View Post
When you are talking to folks about the RCC, how do you explain the relevance and importance of the CCC?
The CCC is a normative text for understanding important Catholic doctrine and some of the Church's laws.

Originally Posted by Courage_to_ride View Post
Most protestants won't believe or follow anything that is from the CCC because they see that as a "product" of the RCC, but they don't see the Bible in the same light.
That's correct because many Protestants view scripture as the ultimate authority on Christian faith. As such, they do not accept the authority of the Catholic Church.

When discussing faith issues with Protestants, I think the CCC is most useful in either of the following two circumstances:
  1. If someone has misconceptions about what the Catholic Church teaches, the CCC is a convenient reference to set the record straight.
  2. The teachings expressed in the CCC may be offered as an alternative viewpoint to someone who is open-minded.
I hope that helps!
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