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Default Re: About “pro multis”

Actually, Bear6, rather than admit you were wrong, you have simply dropped the issue until someone else entered the fray with the statement that hoi polloi = the many.

You've ignored the Oxford Greek-English Lexicon, accepted by all classical scholars as the gold standard for Greek translation. You've ignored the view of a Ph.D. in Greek.

Basically, you've done this:

1) Argued that hoi polloi can = something other than the precise words "the many" (something I never disputed).

2) After entering the synonym game, made a leap from a synonym or synonyms to the Holy Grail of your English semantics game: ALL.

Sloppy philology, sloppy translation. Maybe ICEL is hiring? They do this sort of thing all the time, and it's dishonest.

ALL is not an accurate English translation for hoi polloi or multi.

You can be in all the "company" you want. Such company is ignorant of the rules of lexicography and these two classical tongues, or has decided that for some reason the rules can be broken to suit their purposes.

Over two Oxford pages, Bear. No "multitude". No "all". Plenty on many and "more than few", even "very many" (A RARE DEFINITION, cited in FEW sources, none biblical). But NOT ALL or even MULTITUDE.

Guess how scholarly dictionaries work, Bear? They define words. Then they list synonyms. Neither your definition nor your synonyms appear in the dictionary.

Now, amazingly, under PANTES in the Greek dictionary the word MANY occurs nowhere.