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Default Re: Catholics: When did you last read the Bible?

I have:

Jerusalem Bible , Good News Bible, KJV Bible and the 'Subject Bible (KJV Version) produced by Dr Everette Gaddy of Assurance Publishers'.

The latter contains 'two' Bibles. The first is the normal KJV with coded numbers in the margin. These refer to the pages in the second Bible where all that the Bible says on a particular subject is listed on that, and following, pages. All 'obsolete' words are underlined and a modern equivalent printed at the end of the verse. At the back of the Bible is an alphabetical index of all the subjects.

N.B. This is NOT and advertising blurb - rather a note of caution.

This Bible is a great idea but, unfortunately, I could only say that it is 'A Work In Progress'. For example, on Gen Ch 1 the second Bible omits many references on Creation such as, Heb 1:10, Job 38:4, Col 1:16, etc. It does, though, include others such as Ps74:16, 2 Cor 4:6 and so on.

On a similar vein, it sometimes lists an obsolete word but the word has already been used in an earlier passage. Other words it seems to ignore. (for example, I don't - or rather didn't - know what a knop is. Perhaps this word is in more common use in the U.S. than the U.K.?)

Anyway, it is a very good idea but, in my opinion, far from complete. And it ain't cheap at US$100 from the KJV store. If you buy it from the TV advert it's US$150 but with a 'free' DVD and CD
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