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Default Re: Catholic music

Make that three votes for Crispin. I learned a lot about the Catholic faith by listening to that music. You can listen at Also check out:

Rich Mullins (almost Catholic and EXCELLENT)
Jars of Clay (not Catholic)
Newsboys (not Catholic)
John Michael Talbot (definately Catholic)
Marie Bellet (Catholic wife and mother of 8 or 9 kids)

To respond to the many posts about songs such as Here I Am Lord... I grew up hearing these songs at mass, so they do have a place in my heart, and I do like hearing them. I don't think most would say they are "bad" songs. However, a lot of what is played at mass today, including this song, is not a song of praise and worship to Our Lord, which is what we are at mass to do, praise and worship Him. It's funny, b/c most of the non-Catholic Christian artists write what's considered praise and worship music, and I listen to a lot of it, but I can't get that kind of music where I need it most... in church!
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