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Default Re: Karl Keating's E-Letter of June 12, 2007

Karl, Your article wasn't hateful, only insightful & humorous. No, we're not called to judge the motives of others but we are called to judge behavior & actions ("By their fruits..")
What can we do?
1. Systematic P&P (Prayer & Penance) for our poor country/culture. E.g., devoted holy hours, devoted cleaning the bathroom with this intention etc. Conversion (or ourselves & others) is impossible without this solid base.
2. Read B16. Start with JESUS OF NAZARETH. Organize B16 groups in parishes. Read it as a group. The Holy Father effectively addresses the Vacuum of Thought in our culture, not by deriding it but by filling it with a thoughful & loving presentation of the One who is the Author & Finisher of our faith.