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Default Carl Jung it is - and also -

It is Carl Jung not Yung, by the way. I sent a copy of my comment to the dear priest, who loves me for the Father, and is worried for my soul. How blessed I am to have found him in my early years.

My husband, Tom, and I made our first Confession before we came into Full Communion in the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. To go in telling the priest, "This is my first confession and I am 70 years old . . . " after following my husband, who had gone in the same booth with the same priest, saying, "This is my first confession and I am 76 years old. . ." well - it was just great. I came out saying to Tom, my husband, "Why is it we always hear that this is guilt trip!!!" Tom was smiling and said, "I am coming back next week!" Like children we drove home, almost like a first date.

Don't miss this wonderful experience with the Father God. It is the best. What grace abounding in those little brown booths.

Another aside - I had a list, a long list of 70 years of sins on my first Communion, and when I went into the booth and closed the door, the LIGHTS went out. I could not read my list. Amazing!!!! I remembered things I had not even written down - GOD is good that way.