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Default Re: Concern in Rural Pennsylvania

Originally Posted by TNT View Post
by Donald Trautman, bishop of Erie, Pennsylvania, and Chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic [sic] Bishops Committee on the Liturgy,


In his Letter to his "Brother Bishops,
"the celebration of the ["Motu P"] Mass will be rare because it presupposes a certain degree of liturgical formation and some knowledge of the Latin language; neither of these is found very often."

In Article 4 of Summorum pontificum, no presbyter my use the "Motu P" Mass unless qualified to do so.
Then it's up to His Excellency to make the proper arrangements for his priests who wish to celebrate this Mass to be properly trained, isn't it?

I mean, to do otherwise would simply be to make himself into a roadblock instead of a clear passage, wouldn't it?

If you ain't part of the solution, my dear Bishop Trautman, then you're part of the problem. We have a whole new couple of generations coming up who don't buy into the "Spirit of Vatican II" balderdash, and your time is limited---so either lead, follow, or get out of the way.
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