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Default Re: Karl Keating's E-Letter of September 4, 2007

Originally Posted by Protestant101 View Post
In Keeting's E-letter, he makes the following claim:

Don't people need to know what is being said at one of your Masses? How can they get something out of it if they do not understand it?

Hemrick stated, according to Keeting:

I think Hemrick has a good point. I would be interested to hear from Keeting and others, the reasons why your Church wants to re-instate this Latin mass, which hardly anyone even understands? it would be kind of like giving my 13 year old a King James Bible. he wouldn't exactly know what to do with it!

How do Catholics fulfill the following Scripture with a Mass they do not understand what is being said?
Well let's hope that there will be missals with the translations if I should ever visit a TLM. The mass is pretty universal so they are not changing the meanings. We are familiar with it unlike your 13 year old the bible.

If you should come into a church not knowing the mass and it is in latin you should look at a missal and there is a lot of repeat so you would pick it up easy.

We are to be charitable so actions can speak as loud as words.

If someone needs a cup of water or bowl of food would you hand him a bible? The name of Jesus Christ is pretty well known

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