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Default Re: Karl Keating's E-Letter of September 4, 2007

Originally Posted by ACL View Post
having read the comments on this thread i would like to add a few....
1) Please remember that the Catholic church is present in other geographical regions too like India, China, Africa and other countries than US/EU
2) Learning Latin in addition to the languages the population already have to learn is a burden. In India, learning English itself is a big deal to some.
3) worship in a language which the people understand helps gather everyone to the table like family.
4) Currently, thanks to legacy of the British Empire and American media, English is the most spoken/understood language worldwide.
5) In some churches in India, at least in the ones I've been to, we have only one Missal in the regional language and in a few parishes English. This Missal is used for all years and thus doesn't have the Bible Readings by date as seen here in the US (or atleast as I've seen in Sunnyvale CA).

I've been to places in India where we had to sit on the ground during Mass since there were no benches.

Having to print a new missal in Latin with subtitles in English/vernacular language is a cost which some parishes may not have the money to bear.

6) Having been in Masses in India and in the US, i can say that the faithful would find the Novus Order mass to be same wherever they went. In different languages of course, but the structure would be the same and the faithful would know what was going on.

Having said that, I understand that a some people might prefer the old Latin mass and would prefer to have a service in Latin. The Pope has given them an avenue for it.

To make statements about "Bishops listening to liberals and that the New Order Mass is Protestantism" is taking it too far and is an affront to the decisions of the Bishops of the Catholic Church in Vatican 2. I can say, atleast for me, the Novus Order Mass is/was/will be a source of spiritual nourishment.

The shepherds of the Church need to think about the entire folk and the Novus Order Mass was a step in the right direction for countries in which English/Latin wasn't the local language

I can say this: If the Pope wants to impose Latin mass on everyone, I will support it. If the Pope wants to impose vernacular language masses on everyone I will support that too. If the Pope wants to give people the option to attend Masses in either Latin or in the New Order, I support it. I believe that the Pope and the Magesterium are guided by the Holy Spirit and I will support the decisions they take.

God be with us all. God help us to be more humble each day and be open to His word. Praise be to God
Since you are in India can you tell us why the muslems here say that Jesus went to India and died there. They think a lot of people traveled to India, they act like they have some proof but only Muhammed's word as far as it seems.

I don't think the Pope Benedict XVI will impose the Latin mass it is just available for those who want it, no worry.

You are right the older missals did not fluctuate year to year as I remember so I watched on EWTN today that they don't know if they will go back to that or not. I like the cycle of ABC years, we are in year C now but you should check with getting a magnificat it has the mass and follows along with the saints feast days. I have three years of older copies and just follow the days of the month but don't pay attention to the correct day of the week. It doesn't always have the correct Psalm but at home I read it and if I can participate in mass on EWTN I just listen to the correct readings.
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