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Default Re: Boycott the Susan G. Komen Foundation!

Originally Posted by Philothea53 View Post
Like MOST people? I hardly think so. Especially not Catholics who believe in the sanctity of life. Every penny that Komen gives to Planned Parenthood for mammograms frees up other PP money for abortions and abortofacient contraceptives. Komen knows this yet persists. There are other alternatives to Susan Komen. The best way to 'boycott' Komen is to support the others, particularly the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer.
"Most people" don't have a problem with abortion, so yes, they give money to organizations that support it. But someone who is concerned about preventing any of their own money from going to planned barrenhood, then they would not give money to this or any other foundation that supports it. And there are a LOT of us out there!
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