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Default Re: my brother the wiccan sent me a wreath - help?

Originally Posted by down under View Post
do you not have any siblings? do you not understand how delicate these situations can be? If I come right out and ask him and I am right I have just lost a brother do to his shame. He has inlaws who are the very worst examples of christian people who do this to him all the time. they give his kids crosses and things. If I come right out and ask him and I am wrong I have still lost a brother due to the implied insult. it is difficult having a witch for a brother. I pray for him, but I fear he will be lost.
Don't you just love it when pagans lecture Catholics and how we should practice our religion.? If you have any doubt whatsoever about the wreth of course you should have a blessed. Your brother has been seduced by the dark side so in my opinion his motives are already suspect. I would get the wreath blessed and I would pray unceasingly for your brother.