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Default First Eucharist -- the experience...


I was baptized, confirmed, and partook of the Eucharist last Saturday night during the Easter Vigil. It was magnificent and I am so happy to now be a member of the Catholic Church. Last night, our RCIA group had the first mystigogia class and each member was asked to describe what he/she felt or experienced during this mass. Compared to everyone else, my experiences seemed somewhat subdued. During the Baptism, profession of faith, and the anointing with Holy chrism oil, I was basically trying to remember what I was supposed to do and when I was to do it. I suppose that I was just too self absorbed to experience much. However, the Eucharist was a different story…

When I was offered and received the Host, nothing happened. However, when I partook of the Blood of Christ, before I could even get back to the pew my entire upper torso seemed to “heat up.” As soon as the blood hit my stomach I felt this warmth (I mean EXTREME warmth) and the tears came uncontrollably. This was the most dramatic experience of my life and I’ve been on this planet for 51 years. Well, this is probably a lame description but it’s the best I can do. Now the questions…

Was this the Holy Spirit at work? Is this something that happens often? Most people in my RCIA class commented strongly on the actual Baptism -- many of whom were simply candidates and therefore just watched. Out of approximately 25 people, only one other individual reported the same experience as mine. Any thoughts?

Thanks be to God and everyone here for helping me get to this point!
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