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Default Re: Eastern Catholics, are we really Catholic?

The creed says that the Son is begotten of the Father, not of the one essence.

Do you consider this following statement as heresy?

The Son is: Son of the nature of His Father

I asked Apotheoun (Todd) this question, but I'm still waiting on his reply. I hope he's ok, I haven't seen him post here in a while.

Just so you know, this is exactly what we confess about the Son in the Creed of the Chaldean liturgy, though in English, it has been translated equivalently as "of the same substance as his Father", but the literal translation of the Modern-Aramaic of the Chaldean Creed which is pronounced in Chaldean-Modern-Aramaic as "bir di-kyana d-babeh", is the following:

ܒܸܪ ܕܸܟܝܵܢܵܐ ܕܒܵܒܹܗ

ܒܸܪ bir - Son
ܕܸܟܝܵܢܵܐ di-kyana - of the nature (or essence)
ܕܒܵܒܹܗ d-babeh - of His Father

The essence here referring to the general essence (or kyana in Eastern Aramaic).

What do you think?

God bless,

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