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Default Re: OMG, Fr. Corapi was an Accountant!

Here is what Bendell says and the Schantag’s support:
He says sarcastically to Fr. Corapi, “What is the bursting radius of a lightning bolt?” He refers to Fr. Corapi as a phony, wannabe, lying, fake claiming he is a “former Green Berets and Vietnam veteran,” especially in the name of God. (Ref.

The basis for their claim that Dr. and Fr. John A. Corapi is lying and yet they lie to further their witch-hunt:
Lie #1. Bendell says, “I mention this since your army records, which I have…”
Truth: He has a partial record given him by Mary Schantag. He does not have the DD214 which lists Corapi’s TDY’s, schools and qualifications. What he does show has parts that are blackened out so you can’t see.
Lie #2. He ridicules Fr. Corapi’s service for our country for which he volunteered for “meat-grinder” Vietnam while others were drafted against their will. He says Fr. was merely a leg, not a real soldier who jumped from planes, who guarded his typewriter and desk as a private.
Truth: Fr. Corapi was a Specialist E-4 and promoted to SP5 in less than 9 months of service.
Lie #3. He challenges Father Corapi’s martial arts by praising his very own delusions. He says, “Incidentally, I just two days ago celebrated my 41st Anniversary in the martial arts and have been featured in BLACK BELT magazine, so I also wondered what style did you receive your Black Belt in and what rank are you?” He says, “How dare you claim to be a Green Beret and Vietnam veteran, when you did NOT even attend Jump School, let alone ever take ANY Special Forces training whatsoever?”
Truth: Father never has claimed to be a Vietnam veteran. NEVER! Others, who heard he enlisted during Vietnam automatically assumed he went because almost everybody. However Father was medical board and became a gimp, as the Army calls them. Additionally, Bendell claims Father had no special training but cannot tell you what he did at Ft. Knox and in the Panama Canal Zone on assignment.
Lie #4. Bendell continues to assail Father for his “mediocre” service, as if he was a CSM who retired after 30 years, when he spent less than 5 years in the service. He still assumes Father said he was a Vietnam veteran and Green Beret. He accuses Father of making millions off this lie.
Truth: Father has taken the three evangelical counsels of perfection: chastity, poverty (or perfect charity), and obedience (see e.g. The Code of Canon Law, canons 599-601).
Lie #5. Bendell claims Fr. Corapi lied and told people on his website he had a Bachelor’s Degree before going into the military. Then on Wed, 29 Aug 2007 22:43:00 -0600 Bendell writes, “Dear Father Corapi, we see that you have finally corrected the lies in your bio and now correctly-list yourself as a ‘Vietnam-era’ veteran and also took out the BS about being a Green Beret. You even removed the line about being a Black Belt.”
Truth: See what his website biography said in November 2003 all the way to 17 Aug 2007, the week before Bendell’s claim.
Nov. 21, 2003
Aug. 17, 2007
Did it change? No.
Read what it says today:
What is Bendell talking about, maybe
Jan. 25, 1999
Sep. 26, 2002 (the last bio on and soon the website expires)
What is Bendell talking about? Maybe he is talking about ?
Apr. 7, 2000
Sep. 28, 2002 (the last bio on and soon the website expires)
Perhaps he is referring to Fr. Corapi’s order SOLT biography of Fr. Corapi: (The website is a recent creation and they do not maintain biographies of their priest,)
See what it says today:
Lie #6. He says that Fr. Corapi is lying about his status to get money. Bendell writes, “In your curriculum vitae, you claim to be a deacon and also a priest ordained by the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, of Robstown, TX. S.O.L.T. nowhere on their website under priests, hermits, ministries, or anywhere are you mentioned, although they have a list displayed of all their priests in America and overseas with bios. I will let the Catholic Church address that issue with you. Less than 3 out of every 100 who try actually earn a Green Beret, and it means a lot to each of us, and we will not stand for anybody to pose as one of us, especially for personal and financial gain.”
Truth: SOLT has no such list and the archives reveal there has never been such a list. Fr. Corapi does not receive monies from his book sales, tapes, CD’s, DVD’s or speeches due to his counsel of poverty. In fact, the nearly 4 million dollars he received from a recent landmark court case would have gone to charity.
Bendell prejudicially writes of Fr. Corapi, “I am not Catholic, but I am a Christian, and I will make one major guess: In the verbiage of Special Forces, besides the media, and the FBI, and others, I personally believe that God is really going to kick your unholy a**.”
Lie #7. Bendell says, “You claim you were a football star and claim before the “looming war,” you achieved a baccalaureate degree as well as a black belt (which generally takes four years at legit karate schools), yet you entered the army on April, 1967, without having a degree.
Truth: Fr. Corapi says, “After my first year in college, I decided to enlist...” (Cassette recording at St. Albert the Great Austin, TX 22JUN01)
Lie #8: Bendell claims Fr. Corapi advertised himself as a football star.
Truth: Fr. Corapi says concerning his football prowess, “I was good, not great, but getting better everyday until I injured myself.” (Cassette recording at St. Albert the Great Austin, TX 22JUN01)
Lie #9: Bendell says, “You had to be at least a buck sergeant in those days, as well as airborne to even qualify to try to earn a Green Beret.”
Truth: Privates could enlist for Special Forces in their contract. Fr. Corapi has always maintained he trained to be Special Forces, having completed BCT, AIT and unknown training in Ft. Knox, but was injured so he was unable to continue. (Source: Every oral and literary account)
Lie #10: “You also had to enlist for extra time if you went SF, and you only had a total of 2 and a half years in the army…” Bendell states.
Truth: Fr. Corapi did almost 1,000 days to the day in service to our country. How many months and years is that?
Lie #11: Bendell states that Fr. Corapi had an MOS, or job titles as stenographer, clerk/typist, and personnel specialist so he would not have been SF.
Truth: Any MOS qualifies for SF.
Lie #12: He says, “You never attended any infantry or combat arms training whatsoever. You never earned jump wings.”
Truth: He attended an all Infantry BCT and AIT and was an 11B10 upon graduating.
Lie #13: You never spent one day at Fort Bragg , North Carolina , which is where you had to go to earn a Green Beret.
Truth: The first time at Ft. Bragg was when he stopped there on his way to Ft. Jackson.
Lie #14: He received an army commendation medal.
Truth: He didn’t.
Lie #15:
For awards you received national defense medal (which are given for breathing),
Truth: He got it for VOLUNTEERING to serve, not breathing, during January 1, 1961 to August 14, 1974 for service during the Vietnam War.
Lie #16: Fr. Corapi and a marksman badge from basic training, so you could net even shoot straight and that is it.
Truth: Marksman is qualifying in shooting your weapon and hitting.
Lie #17: The only overseas duty you ever saw was behind a typewriter in Europe .
Truth: He was at the needs of the Army. He was the administrative assistant to a General when Communism was just as much a threat to West Germany as it was to South Vietnam. Have you ever played dominos? As for being 70 series, I believe it was Shakespeare who said, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”
Lie #18:He wrote, “Father Corapi, how did you become Rambo for all these years and all those millions?”
Truth: Fr. Corapi is a REAL Special Force, affecting more lives with truth than Bendell is with his fiction. (Bendell is a very good fiction writer). Corapi does not profit from the sales.
Lie #19: He wrote,”I honestly do not believe in this case, however, I need to do a thing but simply just sit back and watch. Read Romans 19: “Vengeance is mine; I will repay, says the Lord.”
Truth: It is not Romans 19 where it says, “Vengeance is Mine!...” It is Romans 12:19. He has been posting his lies for nearly a year. Bendell, are you watching? Tell us, “What is the bursting radius of a lightning bolt?” If he really believed God would do the judging, he would not have already judged him without all the knowing the facts. If he was trusting God was going to take care of Fr. Corapi why is he constantly posting links and updating his website. That’s does not sound like He is leaving room for vengeance. In the manner, he judges (prejudicially and without mercy) so will he be judged. It is not too late to repent. In Paul’s statement to the Romans (12:19), he is quoting Moses in the LXX here:
“To Me belongs vengeance, and recompense; their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that shall come upon them make haste.” (Deuteronomy 32:35)
1 John 1:9
Lie #20: Bendell claims Fr Corapi was making money for years falsely posing as a Green Beret, posing as Vietnam veteran, when he was “merely”, in-fact, a clerk-typist in Europe, period.
Truth: Addressed previously.
Lie #21: He said Father took Basic Training (BCT) at Ft Jackson, SC.
Truth: Fr. Corapi had BCT at Ft. Gordon GA.
Lie #22: Bendell, “You did not even attend … even one day of training to earn a Green Beret or any type of combat arms training.”
Truth: Two words- “Fort MacClellan”. This was for 11B10 Infantry training (Combat Arms). For proof that Ft. MacClellan had 11B Infantry Training in 1967, just do a google search. Here is an example, “Christopher Ammons enlisted in the U.S. Army June 1, 1967, one week after graduating from high school. After basic training at Fort Campbell, Ky. and infantry training at Fort McClellan, Ala., he was sent to Vietnam in early November.”
Lie #23: Bendell claims that Father Corapi wore a Special Forces Badge on his lapels. He says, “The tape is 9:59 seconds, his conversion story. At 7:51 he touches his lapel where he wears not a cross but a full-sized SF Badge, quickly pointing at the pin, and utters the words ‘De Oppresso Liber,’ our motto and adds ‘Free the oppressed.’ The pin is there the whole ten minutes. It is not even a lapel pin. It is a full-sized official Special Forces crest.
Truth: SOLT’s Logo
Lie #24: On this video, at about 9 minutes he says he “entered the army with a commitment for the US Army Special Forces, the Green Berets.” He says he “attended all the training, a very specialized kind of training and finished it all,” then he says he was injured in a helicopter accident and ended up in Germany pushing a pencil. Watching this Bendell remarks, “Of course his records show he was simply a clerk-typist, period and never did any special operations training, which is a common claim of his apologists. “
Truth: See Truth #22 He was Infantry first and re-classed.
Lie #25: Bendell pastes an email: 11MAR06/1. Addressing a group of 1500 to 1800 participants, in a Catholic Lenten Retreat service in Lenexa, Kansas, Father John Corapi stated, "I was standing there, wearing my Green Beret..."/

Truth: Two other people who were at the meeting state otherwise.
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