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Originally Posted by ProVobis View Post
Something to keep in mind when you're thinking about buying a house. You will be responsible for liabilities, maintenance of that house, property taxes which are getting outrageous, possible mortgage insurance, and optional home improvements. I've lived in the same house for over 35 years (bought with cash my wife and I saved for) and have loved it, but it has also prevented me from moving a quick move for a possible job offer I once received. There are advantages in renting and not everyone wants to buy a house and some probably shouldn't.

Oh, yes, as far as home ownership goes, you never really are a full owner. If you owe as much as a $1 on your taxes, you can get tax foreclosed, just as painful as a bank foreclosure.
I'm renting and will be married by the end of the year. It's next to impossible to own a house where I live. One would have to have a tenant in order to afford the mortgage. It's ridiculous. Taxes are sky high and not mention your other utility bills and gas and food and other necessities. What does that leave one with? Nothing in your pocket. Now when you have children, that's another issue to tend to. I'm not being selfish at all for what I'm about to say, but let's face it, a couple has to obviously do wha they have to do and put a limit on having children, whether the Church likes it or not. My fiancee and I already discussed having two children and that will most likely be it. The Church has to understand that we live in a very outrageously expensive world. God understands.