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Default Re: Karl Keating's E-Letter of May 13, 2008

Originally Posted by viper78912 View Post
The Holy Father has prayed in a mosque and kissed the Holy Quran.
CCC 819 encourages accessing the truth in other religions. Jesus Christ Did not Die for religion, but for the world (John 3:16).
Yoga and meditation allow us to access the Kingdom of Heaven within us.
Yoga is edifying in India and even abroad.

You are comparing apples to oranges here.

CCC 819 says exactley this: "Furthermore, many elements of sanctification and of truth" are found outside the visible confines of the Catholic Church: "the written Word of God; the life of grace; faith, hope, and charity, with the other interior gifts of the Holy Spirit, as well as visible elements." Christ's Spirit used these Churches and ecclesial communities as means of salvation, whose power derives from the fullness of grace and truth that Christ has entrusted to the Catholic Church. All these blessings come from Christ and lead to him, and are in themselves calls to "Catholic unity."

This portion of the Catechism is dealing specifically with the Second Vatican Council's Decree on Ecumenism, as it pertains to unity between other baptised Christians and Catholics.

Your "tie-in" between yoga and this portion of the CCC does not hold water.

The bible warns very clearly about entering into pagan rituals. If you are looking to enter heaven, stay away from yoga, ouji boards, tarrot cards, etc., just as the Holy Father tells us.

To find out more about the dangers of yoga, go to:

Viper, here you will find the "tie-in" between Protestants and Catholics taught in CCC 819.