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Default Re: World Youth Day - special coverage

Originally Posted by Eden View Post
The article says:

But WYD coordinator Bishop Anthony Fisher says the soup kitchen offered in the city has had to be shifted to a neighbouring suburb, Woolloomooloo.

"I know some of them have moved in order to ensure the privacy of those homeless people so they're not surrounded by pilgrims, so they can eat their soup in privacy," he said.
The article says a bit more than that. But even that part is stunning to say the least.

The government feared that the transport workers were going embarrass them by going on strike just as WYD was beginning. They feared the workers would attempt to get more than the gov't was willing to give in labor talks because they had the leverage of causing WYD chaos. This has nothing to do with Catholicism or WYD, but opportunism and Australian politics. I think that's clear, unless you're looking for trouble.
I dont think that you quite understand the concept of going on strike, you strike when it is most effective and inconviences people the most. Its why postal workers choose to strike at christmas

Perhaps what the government was prepared to give was unreasonable (from what I understand it is).

If this were the Olympics, the same types of gov't machinations to pull off a successful event to showcase their city and country to the world would be happening.
Actually its funny that you should mention that, the Olympics were held in Sydney recently (2000) and none of these "macinations" were done.

They also had APEC in Sydney last year, again there was no removal of peoples freedoms or rights or any threats of such.

The political maneuvers going on in advance of WYD have nothing to do with Catholicism.
Actually it does, especally when such maneuvers are done for WYD.

It's ridiculous to think the Catholic Church has something to do with the Australian gov't moving homeless people to a new shelter or restricting labor strikes.
Not restricting them, banning them. Revoking peoples freedoms.

The homeless are not being moved to a new shelter, they are just being moved out of Sydney. Free accomidation is being provided for pilgrims, as well as free meals, yet those that have nothing are simply hidden out of sight. WYD orginisers obviously know what is going on, yet do nothing about it.

You didnt comment on the 'unreasonable interference' issue regarding powers that blatently deny freedom of speech, where a person can be arrested for something as stupid as wearing the wrong sort of t-shirt.

What I am expressing is that these unprecedented measures are being done specifically for WYD (apparently the church aproves them). No such measures have been taken before for other events and there have been a few major events happen in Sydney in recent times (and more in Australia).

Yet WYD is being singled out as deserving special treatment and you seem to be suggesting that you are ok with that.