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Default Re: Is This Rock Mag worth the $ ?

Originally Posted by carol marie View Post
Is This Rock magazine a good apologetics type magazine? I was thinking of subscribing but I see that it's expensive. Anyhow, at almost $50 for the year - is it worth it? Thanks. <>< CM
Carol Marie, I consider this magazine to be a great value... even with the annual subscription of $39.95.

I am a cradle Catholic but as anybody else, I want to continue learning my Faith. For my own personal need.. as well as for when I am called upon to explain why it is that I believe what I do.

I was very happy to have read in the April 2007 issue about King Henry the 8th... and how all that went... and why. It's in an article titled "The Great Divorce" --

Good news! Right now... there's a Special Offer!!

When I called CA subscription office today, the rep said that this is their "Christmas special offer." I mentioned this because I don't know how much longer this offer will be offered.

You can get a one-year subscription for $29.95 for just yourself, even if you don't buy an additional Gift subscription of $19.95 for anybody else.

Special Offers

This Rock - Gift Subscriptions

Subscribe (or renew) today for $29.95 and get unlimited gift subscriptions at $19.95.

Call Customer Service at 1-888-291-8000 with your gift recipient addresses today!

This Rock - U.S. 1 year Subscription

plus The Essential Catholic Survival Guide - FREE
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