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Default Re: Why does God give some people Mental Disorders?

I'm hearing impaired. Yes, I'm aware it's not a mental illness. My belief i that God blessed me with it so that I would not hear the negative things that are said about me. I'm aware of it's negative drawbacks but pay no attention to them.

My theory is that God gave the mentally challenged a gift wrapped in a challenge which he knew that they would be strong enough to handle. In fact this challenge itself provides the opertunity to build up their strength and character. So is the knowledge that they can overcome anything, if they can over come their personal challeges.

Further more, to address the negative side (the curse), my theory is that they suffer. But their suffering allows them in a unique way to understand the suffering of Christ. They may better recieve Christ because they have suffered and overcame just as Christ has. It's a unique oppertunity, just like anyone else, to understand and have a relationship with Christ.

That's why he [God] gives people Mental Disorders.
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